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The oldest child of Irish YouTubers Jonathan Joly and Anna Saccone is Emilia Saccone-Joly. This YouTube account, which was formerly known as “LeFloofTV,” documents the daily lives and pursuits of this Irish family. Thanks to her parents, who informed their followers of Emilia’s birth, she was already famous long before she was even born. Her parents never pass up an opportunity to document special events in their daughter’s life. There was a lot of fanfare and celebration for Emilia’s fourth birthday. The princess-themed celebration was kind of a big deal, and the local media even got pictures of it.

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Google Video of Emilia Saccone-Joly

From the moment of her birth, Emilia entered the YouTube community. She had a link to the community of people who share videos online since she was born to YouTuber parents.

Her folks run a YouTube channel with the same name that features videos about their lives. The previous name of the station was “LeFloofTV.” The pair later changed it to include their last name. Before getting married, Anna and Jonathan made the decision to combine their last names. Their current moniker, “Saccone-Joly,” was created in this manner.

The couple began routinely vlogging about the pregnancy after Emilia’s mother, Anna, informed the viewers that she was expecting Emilia through a video blog. The “Saccone-Joly” pair documented every second of Emilia’s birth, including the gender reveal ceremony and Emilia’s delivery. Her parents presented her to the public through the video “Lives Changed Forever” after her birth. However, Emilia’s parents found it to be somewhat difficult to capture the delivery on camera. The hospital administration had some issues with bringing a camera into the delivery area. Later, the management requested a written explanation and remorse for the incident. Even though this issue was subsequently resolved, the “Saccone-Joly” family had to deal with hostility and trolls from a number of other organizations. The family was a problem for those Irish groups because they divulged too much about their private lives. Even murder threats were made against the family. They ultimately relocated to England precisely because of this. However, their channel is now thriving and has more than a million followers.

Emilia rose to fame the moment she was born. It appeared that her parents, who were ecstatic for the newborn, had spread their enthusiasm among the watchers. Anna shared a video of her delivery, and the comments section erupted with congratulations.

The commemoration of Emilia’s fourth birthday was a big occasion. The event had a “Frozen” motif in honor of the Disney character. Everything, including the cake and presents, exuded grandeur. The celebration was organized by Anna and Jonathan weeks in advance. To occupy and amuse the kids, they had planned a few amusing performances. Emilia gave out tiny lunchboxes in the bento style packed with treats that were “Frozen-themed” as the return gifts.

Private existence of Emilia Saccone-Joly

On September 11, 2012, Emilia was born in Cork, Ireland. Emilia Tommasina Saccone-Joly is her complete name. She is the couple’s oldest child and an Irish YouTuber. Eduardo, Emilia’s sibling, and Alessia, her sister, are both named. In 2014, the family relocated to Surrey, UK. Anna experienced a loss in 2016. The baby’s gender was never made public, but the parents kindly gave it the moniker “Squid.” Later, Jonathan had an octopus tattooed on his left hand to remember Squid.

The mother of Emilia is a makeup vlogger as well. She has a second “YouTube” channel that she uses to vlog about exercise and beauty. The father of Emilia also runs a second vlogging account. He has since quit his employment in order to pursue vlogging full-time.

Now, Emilia attends school. She adores all things related to “Disney” characters. There are numerous figurines and other playthings in her room. Even the room’s decor was influenced by Disney.

Estimated net worth

The estimated net worth of Emilia Saccone-Joly is about $1 million.