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American actor Emily Wickersham is best recognized for playing the title character of “Special Agent Eleanor Bishop” in the criminal drama series “NCIS.” She was raised in New York City after being born in Kansas, and she left college early to move to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career. She appeared on “Late Night with David Letterman” to make her acting debut. She later had appearances in shows including “The Sopranos” and “The Gamekillers.” She had a brief part in “Remember Me” and “How I Got Lost” before making her acting debut in the 2007 movie “Gardener of Eden” as “Kate.” Her biggest professional break came in 2013, when she took over the role of “Special Agent Eleanor Bishop” in the criminal drama series “NCIS” from another actor. She was added to the series’ regular cast after appearing in a recurring role in season 11. She also appeared in movies like “Gone” and “Glitch,” where she received praise for her work.

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Early Childhood & Life

John Atwood Wickersham and Amy Wickersham welcomed Emily Kaiser Wickersham into the world on April 26, 1984, in Kansas, United States. She was the family’s youngest kid. She was raised alongside Adam, her older brother. The family moved to New York not long after she was born. Emily began her education there. Her mother was a stay-at-home mom, while her father was a mechanic.

She developed an early interest in acting. She attended “Muhlenberg College” after graduating from high school. She dropped out of college after two years because her desire to become an actor quickly overcame her. She then relocated to Los Angeles to begin her career as a professional actor.
There was no one she knew. She had a lot of difficulties when she first entered the field. She was really antisocial and lacked self-assurance in front of the camera. She enrolled in acting and public speaking workshops as soon as she arrived in the city to address these concerns.

She was initially uneasy, but eventually started to like her classes.
At a restaurant, she encountered a modeling agency who contacted her with a number of modeling opportunities. She agreed to the offers and also enquired about scheduling an acting tryout. A few days later, Emily discovered herself attending an audition for a small part in the well-known crime drama “The Sopranos.” After being offered the part, she started working in the entertainment business.

Career Of Emily

She had a brief appearance in a 2006 episode of the well-known talk show “Late Night with David Letterman” before “The Sopranos” began airing. She portrayed “Jules” in a comedic sketch on the program. She was spotted making a cameo appearance in the “Parco P.I.” episode “Just Another Pretty Face” that same year.

With “The Sopranos,” she made a triumphant entrance into the acting world. The show received widespread praise, and viewers took note of Emily’s appearance in four episodes as “Rhiannon Flammer.” Emily was able to land auditions for several other movies and TV shows thanks to her significant break.

She played the character “Suzy” in the 2007 episode of “The Bronx is Burning” titled “Caught!” After that, she had an unidentified cameo appearance in “The Gamekillers.” ‘Mitch Albom’s for One More Day’ was the title of her following television endeavor that year.

She also made her acting debut in 2007, as Kate in the movie “Gardener of Eden.” The comedy-drama movie received middling reviews and made a pitiful amount of money at the box office.

She made yet another minor appearance in the 2008 love film “Definitely, Maybe,” which starred Ryan Reynolds in the title character. She appeared in the film as an unknown intern, and it was a huge box office and critical hit. Today, the movie is regarded as a cult classic.

She had a minor role in the television drama “Taking Chance” in 2009. Critics gave the low-budget film high marks. Prior to it, the movie had visited a number of regional, national, and even international film festivals, including the “Sundance Film Festival.” She had one-episode guest appearances in three different television programs that year: “Law & Order: Criminal Intent,” “Bored to Death,” and “Trauma.”

Despite garnering praise for her performances, her acting career was not developing as she had hoped. In 2010, she made an appearance in Robert Pattinson’s movie “Remember Me.” She played a relatively little part in the movie. Despite the negative reviews, the movie’s chances of making a respectable profit at the box office were unaffected.
I Am Number Four, a science fiction action thriller, featured Emily as “Nicole” in 2011. The movie did well at the box office but not in the critics’ eyes. The same year, Emily played an unidentified leading lady in a single episode of “Gossip Girl.”

Emily portrayed “Molly Parrish” in the supporting role in the 2012 movie “Gone.” The following year, she had appeared in three episodes of the television show “The Bridge,” portraying the recurring role of “Kate Millwright.” The next year, thanks to her performance, she was able to land her largest career-defining role.

The part of “Special Agent Eleanor Bishop” in the crime drama “NCIS” was offered to Emily in 2013. Cote de Pablo, who had to leave the series for personal reasons, was replaced by her in the role. Emily’s role was originally intended to be a three-episode role, but due to the character’s popularity and success, she was added to the main cast for the following seasons of the show.

Emily starred as Eleanor “Ellie” Bishop from “NCIS” in “NCIS: New Orleans” in 2016 after playing a significant part in the independent film “Glitch” in 2015.

Individual Life of Emily

In a secret wedding in the Florida Keys in November 2010, Emily Wickersham wed musician Blake Hanley. Sadly, the pair parted ways in 2018.

According to Emily, if she hadn’t chosen to become an actor, she would have started her own clothing line and partnered with other fashion designers.
She spends her free time playing football.

Emily Wickersham’s Net Worth

Emily Wickersham’s net worth is $6 million. Emily Wickersham is an American actress. In April 1984, Emily Wickersham was born in Kansas. Beginning in 2013, her most well-known performance was as Ellie Bishop in the television series NCIS. Wickersham played Rhiannon in recurrent roles on The Sopranos from 2006 to 2007 and Kate Millwright in recurring roles on The Bridge in 2013. She has acted in a number of films, including Gone, How I Got Lost, Definitely, Maybe, Remember Me, and Gardener of Eden. Along with these other TV shows, Emily Wickersham has also made appearances in episodes of Late Night with David Letterman, Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Gossip Girl, and NCIS: New Orleans. She wed guitarist Blake Hanley in 2010. Emily Wickersham attended Muhlenberg College but left after enrolling after growing up in Mamaroneck, New York. She has Swedish and Austrian origins. For NCIS, she took the place of actress Cote de Pablo.