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Updated On May 8, 2024
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Emma Chamberlain is a YouTube sensation from the United States. Her self-titled channel has films about travel, lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and life events. Emma’s artistic side shines through in her DIY project videos. Emma’s films are frequently long, and she is known among her pals as a ‘chatterbox.’ She raises awareness about healthy living and vegan diet through her vlogs. Emma is one of the most well-known YouTubers, with over 9.5 million subscribers. Emma, who is equally popular on Instagram and Twitter, also has a merchandise website. Her enthusiasm for photography is evident in her profile on the photography mobile app ‘VSCO.’

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Fame on Social Media

During her sophomore year, Emma Chamberlain began vlogging. It was a terrible time in her life, and she despised going to school because the atmosphere there felt so dreary. She found refuge in vlogging and eventually recovered from her sadness. Emma Chamberlain launched her self-titled YouTube channel in the middle of 2016. Her debut video, dubbed City Inspired Summer Lookbook, took her a year to complete. She gradually grew to enjoy vlogging because it kept her away from anxiety and melancholy. Emma began posting vacation diaries, story times, recipes, DIY projects, lookbooks, and shopping hauls, among other things. She began producing films on the subject after she developed an interest in living a healthy lifestyle.

Emma has released several videos in which she shares her regular fitness regimens and tips for losing weight. Her channel encourages a vegetarian and vegan lifestyle, and she frequently provides healthful recipes. Emma is concerned not just with her physical health, but also with her emotional well-being. Among her many popular videos, ROADTRIP TO VEGAS FT DOLAN TWINS & JAMES CHARLES is the most popular, with over 31 million views. Emma’s channel has evolved into a complete combination of entertainment and knowledge throughout time. It’s no surprise that the channel’s subscriber count has surpassed a million! Emma is also quite active on Instagram, where her eye-catching photos have amassed a following of over 10.6 million people.

Emma’s profile may be found on ‘Depop,’ a London-based peer-to-peer social shopping app. Her own product website, where she sells her signature sweatshirts, is also owned by her. Emma was nominated for the ‘2018 Annual Shorty Awards’ in the category of ‘Breakout YouTuber.’ Emma Chamberlain founded her own online mail order coffee company, Chamberlain Coffee, on December 22, 2019. She’s presently appearing in Styled By Emma, an IGTV makeover show. Emma Chamberlain provides the fashinably challenged strangers new looks in the series.

Personal Life & Family

Emma Chamberlain was born on May 22, 2001, in the state of California, United States of America. Emma Francis Chamberlain is her full name. Michael Chamberlain, her father, is an oil painter. Her family and she live in San Carlos, California. Emma received her diploma from the ‘Notre Dame High School, Belmont.’ She used to take part in a variety of sports and athletic events at school. Emma primarily competed in relays and track races. Her favorite subject in school was biology. Emma eventually dropped out of school because she couldn’t fit in. She had no desire to attend an all-girls school. As a result, she struggled to make friends.

Emma began playing the cello at a young age. Emma maintains a strict food plan since she is health-conscious. She begins her day by drinking plenty of warm water and then doing a full workout. Her workout begins with a 20-minute cardio session. Emma prefers to work out at the gym, but she also does ‘Yoga’ at home on occasion. Emma enjoys listening to loud music while working out. Kinder Blumen by Real Estate and Quite Some Time by Nick Leng are two of her favorite songs, and they are consistently at the top of her playlist.

Emma enjoys sports and other physical activities in addition to working out. Karate, taekwondo, gymnastics, and ice skating are among her many skills. Emma, a devout vegetarian and vegan, prefers to eat her salads with tofu. Emma enjoys ‘Veggie Sushi’ with a strawberry smoothie as a comfort food. Emma’s favorite place to eat out is ‘Asian Box.’ Emma Chamberlain enjoys going on vacations. She frequently organizes vacations and hikes with her pals. Emma is a dog enthusiast who owns a ‘Yorkshire Terrier’ named Sammy. Emma’s favorite television show is The Office from the United States. Moonrise Kingdom, Napoleon Dynamite, and Coraline are among her favorite films. Emma Chamberlain is a Make-A-Wish Foundation volunteer.