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Atlanta, Georgia

Emma Murphy is a well-known Musical.ly (formerly known as TikTok) star, better known by her online handle emsicle101. She has over 1.7 million admirers on TikTok and is one of the most popular stars because to her comedic videos. She frequently appears at meet & greets and other social media conventions like Vidcon as a TikTok sensation. She is also a member of the TikTok collective known as CrownCrew, which includes Kaylee Halko, Danielle Cohn, and Kelli Peterson, among other well-known TikTok users. She recently took the decision to stop using TikTok since it was difficult for her and she wanted to concentrate on her education. She currently has over 44k Instagram followers and is active on both Instagram and Snapchat.

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Increased Fame of Emma Murphy

Emma Murphy, a typical high school girl, became well-known because to TikTok. She uploaded a snippet from her first video that had a unique sound created by Chiara Castelli. After that, she started posting amusing videos in which she frequently lip-synced to different songs and speech. She quickly amassed over 1.7 million followers on TikTok and became a sensation.

Her followers were given the moniker “whale buddies” when she posted a poll on Twitter and TikTok. She sponsored a Meet and Greet in Orlando, Florida, in October 2016, where she spoke with other musers. She was also spotted in 2016 at the Vidcon convention. After a while, she joined the TikTok group CrownCrew, which included musers like Kaylee Halko, Danielle Cohn, and Kelli Peterson.

Emma’s films frequently appear in collections of the funniest and best Musical.ly (now TikTok) videos. She has engaged with her teen followers from Musical.ly (now known as TikTok) and Snapchat while hosting a number of live broadcasts on YouNow. Due to her success as a muser, she amassed a sizable following on various social media sites, enhancing her online visibility. She is currently employed by Instagram as a social media influencer.

Murphy announced her departure from Musical.ly (now called TikTok) on Instagram, citing how stressful it was for her to make and upload videos to the platform. She hasn’t yet reacted to her admirers’ requests for her to join the well-known app. Emma is active on Snapchat and Instagram, though. On her primary Instagram account, she currently has 44,000 followers. Additionally, she maintains a separate Instagram account. Her travels throughout the globe and pictures of her pals are displayed on her timeline.

Individual Life of Emma Murphy

On August 19, 2002, Emma Murphy was born in Atlanta, Georgia. She had a close relationship with the great-grandma she referred to as Cookie Nanny. She hasn’t provided any other details about her family or history. She enjoys reading, wearing makeup, socializing with her friends, and playing sports. Emma particularly enjoys lifting weights. Emma shares Emma’s passion for Harry Potter. In addition, she frequently discusses cooking in her videos and eating nutritious meals. At the moment, she resides with her family. Emma is presently single and continuing her high school education. Her sixteenth birthday was recently observed by her friends.

Net Worth of Emma Murphy

The estimated net worth of Emma Murphy is $1 million.


Emma loves movies a lot. ‘Pride and Prejudice and Zombies’ is one of her favorite films.

Emma admits to being a lipstick junkie and frequently tweets pictures of herself experimenting with different colors.