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American social media personality Enoch True. He is well-known for his humorous content on platforms including Instagram, musical.ly (now TikTok), and YouTube. Instagram was where he began his professional career as an aspiring actor. Later, Enoch turned toward TikTok, where he has garnered millions of admirers by creating hilarious videos and lip-syncs. His chubby and adorable appearance increases the allure of his humorous material. The astonishing presence of Enoch on TikTok has verified and crowned him a “muser.” In addition, he has inspired a great number of admirers with low self-esteem or who have been victims of online body shaming. Enoch has set an example by embracing the ridicule he receives due to his obese physique.

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Social Media Renown

Enoch has always desired to work in the entertainment industry. He enjoys entertaining others. He decided to pursue his goals via social media. Enoch began his career via ‘Instagram.’ He began by posting photographs and videos on the platform and earned a significant fan base. Enoch now has more than 75,000 Instagram followers.

Enoch’s social media career gained momentum when he joined musical.ly,’ now known as ‘TikTok.’ Soon, he was more prominent on musical.ly’ than on any other platform. His comedy videos and lip-syncs on musical.ly’ made him an overnight celebrity. Some of his most renowned lip-sync videos feature him imitating Johnny Orlando and members of ‘Maroon 5′ In July 2017, Enoch began uploading his videos to musical.ly. Since then, he has steadily improved as a “muser.” With over three million admirers and over 150 million emojis on musical.ly,’ Enoch is now a verified “muser.”

His popularity in musicals. ly’ has allowed him to make a number of celebrity acquaintances. Some of his Instagram posts feature him posing with celebrity “musers” like Ashley Soto and Kaydin Fritcher. TrueArmy is the name for Enoch’s massive support base. Enoch uploads a variety of entertaining videos to his YouTube channel. The channel currently has over 45,000 subscribers. Shane Dawson, a well-known YouTuber, would be a dream collaborator for Enoch.

Personal Facts About Enoch

Enoch was born in New Mexico on October 25, 1998. His actual given name is Enoch Rue. He resides in the New Mexico village of Ruidoso. Enoch has a sibling by the name of Josh and a sister by the name of Misha. He is bilingual and can converse fluently in both English and Spanish.

Enoch enjoys watching television. His preferred television programs consist of ‘The Fosters,’ ‘The 100,’ ‘Shadowhunters,’ and ‘On My Block.’ His greatest desire is to travel the globe, as he has a passion for it. If given the opportunity to date any social media personality, Enoch will select Liza Koshy. Not only does he enjoy Liza’s social media posts, but he also respects her as a person. Enoch is also a massive admirer of Alex Kawaguchi’s comic material. Enoch and ‘TikTok celebrity Ray Starlax are close companions.

Estimated Net Worth

Enoch is one of the wealthiest American TikTok stars. According to our investigation of Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider, Enoch True has a net worth of $5 million.