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Dutch YouTuber Enzo Knol is well-known for posting gameplay videos and vlogs on his own channel, EnzoKnol. After becoming well-known for his Minecraft videos, he started making generic vlogs. He enjoys recording his daily activities and sharing them with the public because he is a huge video enthusiast. He enjoys playing video games a lot as well and occasionally tries out new gaming techniques. Additionally, Knol offers a second channel that is solely focused on video games. With more than 522k subscribers on his secondary channel and over 2 million on his primary channel, the Dutch YouTuber has clearly accomplished a great deal on social media. Enzo Knol, a native of Rolde, Netherlands, grew up with his well-known YouTuber brother Milan. When it comes to his character, Enzo is a very calm, honest, and humorous individual. He is constantly getting up to something nasty and mischievous!

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Ascent to Fame

On August 8, 2011, Enzo Knol created his own channel on YouTube called EnzoKnol. He started out by playing Minecraft and uploaded several movies about it. After some time, Knol continued to make his Minecraft videos and began publishing vlogs as well. He released a gameplay video titled “Minecraft Survival # 300 – The Last Delivery” on November 9, 2014. In short order, this video reached one million views and brought much-needed attention to Knol’s channel. Following this, the Dutch YouTuber continued to post vlogs and gaming videos.

Knol has turned more of his attention to vlogging since his channel has grown so quickly. In terms of his channel’s popularity, as of October 2018, it had over 1.8 billion views and over 2 million subscribers. You should definitely watch all of his well-known vlogs, such as “At In My Head-Enzo Knol Vlog” and “Stay With Me-Enzo Knol Vlog”!

Additionally, Enzo Knol operates a backup channel known as EnzoKnol2. This channel, which debuted on December 29, 2017, is entirely focused on video games. It includes gameplay footage for Fortnite, one of the most popular video games. In terms of popularity, this channel has amassed around 522k subscribers so far.

Enzo Knol, who has over 30 million views per month on YouTube, is currently considered as one of the leading Dutch vloggers.

Individual Life of Enzo Knol

Irma and her husband welcomed Enzo Knol into the world on June 8, 1993, in Rolde, Netherlands. Milan, one of his brothers, is a well-known YouTuber. On his channel, DitisMilan, he is well-known for sharing parodies. Enzo was motivated to begin creating videos by Milan. Additionally, Knol maintains a personal website at knolpower.nl.

In terms of Knol’s romantic history, he has dated Dee Van der Zeeuw, an Instagram celebrity and singer on YouTube.

The net worth of Enzo Knol

The estimated net worth of Enzo Knol is about $1 million.