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Erica Dixon is an American actress and reality television personality best known for her roles on VH1’s ‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’ (2012), ‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: After Party Live!’ (2015), and ‘Blaq Gold’ (2015). Erica is not returning for season 5 of LLHA after starring in the first four seasons. But that hasn’t stopped the TV personality from pursuing her dreams. Erica has developed from a reality TV celebrity to a single mother, writer, and successful businesswoman after a few years on television. Erica has a long list of successful business enterprises under her belt. These include a women-only personal grooming and lifestyle brand called ‘Klass6’ and a children’s book series called ‘Southern Bell.’ Erica is also a dedicated single mother and supports a variety of women’s concerns. Erica, a medical technician by training, is also putting her previous educational talents and abilities to good use. Erica has been through numerous milestones in her short life.

Early Years of Erica Dixon

While we all know Erica rose to popularity after appearing on a hugely famous reality show on television, her path from nobody to someone is referred to as “the genuine untold narrative.” Erica was the youngest of a family of nine children. Her mother struggled with substance misuse, so she was raised by her uncle and aunt with her eight other siblings. After all, this dynamic television personality did not have a particularly pleasant childhood. Erica grew up in Atlanta, Georgia, as the youngest of nine siblings. Erica did not have a normal upbringing until she was placed in foster care with a family in Hempstead at the age of six.

At the age of 13, Erica returned to live with her mother, but things had not altered much. Erica found herself migrating again again, this time with her father, as her mother struggled with her drug addiction. Erica graduated from Forest Park High School and went on to Atlanta Professional Institute for her post-secondary education. Erica worked as a medical biller and coder during her undergraduate days to help support herself.

Relationships of Erica Dixon

At the Atlanta Professional Institute, Erica met rapper Lil Scrappy (Darryl Richardson), with whom she dated for ten years. The couple went through ups and downs in their relationship, and in 2005 they wanted to start a family. Everything seemed to be going swimmingly, and Erica and Lil Scrappy even got engaged in 2012. Unfortunately, the engagement was short-lived, and the couple ended their romance in 2012.

Erica dated O’ Shea Russel for almost two years after Lil Scrappy. Due to O’ Shea’s financial difficulties, Erica decided to end their relationship. She then moved on to date NFL star Duke Willams, who was still rumored to be dating his long-term model girlfriend Nazia at the time.

Motherhood of Erica Dixon

Erica has a daughter with her ex-fiancé, Lil Scrappy, named Emani. Emani was born on the 29th of July in the year 2005. Erica’s life was impacted not just by Emani’s birth, but also by her priorities in life. Erica became more focused on her profession in order to provide the greatest life for the child.

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Despite her studies in medical coding and bill transcription, Erica had a secret desire to be a well-known figure in the media and fashion sector. Her path to stardom happened by chance when she was chosen for a reality television show in 2012. Erica has joined the cast of the VH-1 reality show “Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta.” Erica was able to not only ensure her financial future, but also accomplish her childhood dream of becoming a successful media personality.

Erica opted out of season 5 after starring in four great seasons of LHHATL. Instead, she took the risk of using her celebrity to start the ‘Klass6’ beauty and lifestyle brand. The Klass6 Fashion and Klass 6 Premium Hair & Beauty lines give ladies the chance to stand out and appear elegant.

The Southern Bell

Erica’s business spirit didn’t end with the debut of her fashion and beauty company. Erica felt compelled to speak up about her experiences growing up in a dysfunctional home after surviving a difficult childhood. Erica hopes to become the voice of the many children who are stuck in a family of drug and alcohol addict parents through Bell, the protagonist in her children’s book series ‘The Southern Bell.’ Erica hopes that her book series will aid in the healing of many more children and their families who are in a similar circumstance.

Controversies of Erica Dixon

It’s a well-known fact that popularity brings with it a lot of problems. Erica has always been known as a joyful and spontaneous star who has dealt with a variety of personal and professional difficulties, but she has also been involved in a number of controversies. Erica Dixon, a former Love & Hip Hop celebrity, was arrested in 2016, and the news and a video of her detention became viral on the internet.

According to TMZ, the TV personality was involved in a heated argument with several officers for speeding. To make matters worse, Erica allegedly refused to cooperate and misbehaved with the cops on duty, according to the police. According to sources, Erica attempted to flee the scene, prompting officers to chase her and ultimately charge her with misbehavior and non-cooperation. Erica was transported to a neighboring jail center for citation, but she was released shortly after.

While the police authorities portrayed Dixon as the wrongdoer, Erica received sympathy from minorities in the United States. With tensions between police and minorities in America rising, many people questioned the police’s claims.

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Aside from this occurrence, Erica’s amazing legal win also made news on the internet. Erica and Lil Scrappy had been fighting for Emani’s custody for quite some time. However, it appeared that the courts had finally ruled in Erica’s favor. She will not only get full custody of Emani, but she will also be paid $45,000 in child support.