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Etayyim, also referred to as Ethan Bradberry, is a popular social media and YouTube user from the United States. He co-owns with his brother, Mohammed, or Moe, the notorious YouTube channel MoeAndET (previously known as OckTV), which is well-known for its social experiment and practical joke videos. Ethan, who comes from a family of Palestinian immigrants, has always loved jokes. He and his brother would frequently compete to see who could pull off the worst practical joke. They launched their channel in March 2014 and quickly became well-known for their contentious views. Their pranks and social experiments have been called redundant, obnoxious, unintentionally funny, and even fake, and they have been accused of racism. Despite this, the Bradberry brothers have more than two million subscribers to their channel and are supported by fans all over the world.

Career of Ethan Bradberry

The Bradberry brothers, incorrigible pranksters all their lives, decided it would be a good idea to create a YouTube channel where they would prank random strangers for the amusement of viewers. The channel was established on March 1 of that year, and on March 31, 2014, they posted their first video. The video, with the title “Fighting Prank! – College Edition,” went viral right away and has since received 1.3 million views. Furthermore, it brought them a devoted fan base that continued to expand over time in addition to setting the channel’s tone.

Extreme Sitting On People Prank! (GIRLS EDITION), which was posted on August 20, 2014, and has received the most views. Over 45 million people have viewed it. Ethan, Moe, and their team attempted to test the readiness of children of consenting parents for a fire in their respective homes in a video titled “Would Your Child Know How To Escape A House Fire!?” (Social Experiment)” that the brothers uploaded on November 25, 2015. The Bradberry brothers received criticism for the joke even though the original post received millions of views. Ethan introduces himself at the start of the video by saying, “I am Ethan Bradberry,” in a high-pitched voice while facing the camera directly. He quickly became the focus of a very well-liked joke.

It has been claimed that Ethan and Moe staged their practical jokes and social experiments. Even though the brothers have vehemently denied this repeatedly, there are glaring inconsistencies that show their content is not entirely accurate.

They have stopped regularly uploading content in recent months. These days, Ethan seems to be paying more attention to his own channel.

Disputes and scandals

The “hood-prank” videos made by the Bradberry brothers, in which they would visit low-income areas with a high concentration of African-American and Latino residents and approach men and women waiting outside housing projects, attracted the most attention. They toured Brownsville, East New York, and Coney Island for their first hood-prank video, “Fight Me Now in the Hood,” where they confronted various people and acted strangely around them. Ethan and his sibling then threatened them, using racial epithets, that they would fight them. They always got beaten up in return by the men and women there.

The media and community leaders have criticized the brothers and others who produce similar content, believing that their presence in these neighborhoods only serves to harm the locals.

Ethan and Moe collaborated with Coby Persin of the rival prank channel ModelPrankstersTV in May 2014 to stage a fictitious altercation between two gangs of members on the Coney Island boardwalk. When a few police officers arrived on the scene, the pranksters immediately surrounded them. After being detained, Ethan was held until he could establish the falsehood of the fight. Eventually, he was let go with a warning and a request not to repeat that behavior.

Individual Life of Ethan Bradberry

Ethan was born to Palestinian immigrants on October 27, 1992, in Brooklyn, New York. He also has two younger sisters and Omar, a brother who is younger than Moe. He pursued a science degree at Touro College in New York City.

Estimated net worth

Ethan is one of the wealthiest and most well-known YouTube stars. Our analysis of Ethan Bradberry’s net worth from Forbes, Wikipedia, and Business Insider revealed a $5 million figure.