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Eva Amurri Martino is an actress who has appeared in films and on television in the United States. Her film roles include ‘Dead Man Walking,’ ‘Saved!,’ and ‘The Life Before Her Eyes.’ She is currently married to Kyle Martino, with whom she shares two children: a son and a daughter. She was a minor character in the hit television programs ‘FRIENDS’ and ‘How I Met Your Mother.’ Amurri has appeared in films alongside her mother, Susan Sarandon, in which they both played mothers and daughters. Ginger Kingsley in ‘The Banger Sisters’ is her most well-known part. Despite the fact that she hasn’t been in many significant films or television shows, she is known for her stunning appearance. In 1999, she had her television debut, and in 1992, she made her cinema debut. Amurri feels that an actor’s work is not the only thing that defines them. There are many more things in life than having a good job, and an actor must work hard to obtain all of them rather than focusing solely on their career.

Early Years and Childhood

Eva Amurri was born in New York City on March 15, 1985 as Eva Maria Livia Amurri. Franco Amurri, her father, was an Italian film director, and Susan Sarandon, her mother, was an actress from the United States.

Susan’s maternal ancestors were Italian, therefore Eva grew up in an Italian household. Her ancestors are from Italy, England, Ireland, Germany, and America.

Both of Amurri’s parents worked in the American film industry, thus she grew up in an environment that encouraged her to pursue acting.

Eva was a student at Manhattan’s Friends Seminary. Saint Ann’s School in Brooklyn, New York, is where she received her diploma. She went on to Brown University and received her bachelor’s degree.

Eva was an excellent student who aspired to be an astronaut when she grew up, just like every other schoolchild. She chose to become an actress instead of a mathematician since she disliked math and acting was her first love.

Amurri was a tomboy growing up, and her mother, Susan, trimmed her hair herself. Eva used to steal sweets from movie sets as a child and conceal them in her room because sugar was forbidden in the Amurri household.

The Career of Eva Amurri

In 1992, Eva Amurri made her film debut in the film “Bob Roberts.” However, she had a minor role in the movie.
In the 1995 American criminal thriller film ‘Dead Man Walking,’ she played Helen Prejean, a nine-year-old. Sister Helen Prejean’s adult role was played by Susan Sarandon, who is also her mother.

In 1999, she made her television debut in ‘Earthly Possessions’ and also appeared in the film ‘Anywhere But Here’ as a small character. She was cast alongside Susan Sarandon in a film in which her mother struck her on screen in 2001.
She appeared in the comedy film ‘The Banger Sisters,’ starring Susan Sarandon, in 2002. In the movie, she was Ginger Kingsley.

‘Saved!,’ ‘The Education of Charlie Banks,’ ‘The Life Before Her Eyes,’ ‘NewYork, I Love You,’ ‘Middle of Nowhere,’ and ‘Animals’ were among the films Eva appeared in between 2002 and 2008.
She returned to television in 2009 with a nine-episode appearance on ‘Californication.’ For an episode of ‘How I Met Your Mother,’ she also played Shelly.

She had a number of guest appearances in television shows such as ‘Mercy,’ ‘House,’ ‘Children’s Hospital,’Fish Hooks,’New Girl,’Guys with Kids,’ and ‘The Mindy Project’ after her return to television.

She starred in the film “Isolation” in 2011. ‘That’s My Boy,’ ‘AmeriQua,’ and ‘Stag’ were among her 2012-13 flicks. In the TV series ‘Undateable,’ she also played a significant role.

In two episodes of the miniseries “The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe,” she played young Gladys Monroe Mortensen. She starred in the drama film ‘Mothers and Daughters’ as Gayle in 2016. She appeared in Mothers and Daughters alongside Courtney Cox, Selma Blair, Christina Ricci, Paul Wesley, and others in an ensemble cast.

Work on the Big Picture

Helen Prejean, a nine-year-old in the film ‘Dead Man Walking,’ was her first major role. Susan Sarandon, her own mother, was cast as a youngster in her film.

Her next notable appearance was as Ginger Kingsley in the comedy film ‘The Banger Sisters,’ which also starred Susan Sarandon.

Eva starred as Cassandra Edelstein in the 2004 American teen comedy drama film ‘Saved!’ Cassandra is a Jewish girl who is the only one in the film who goes to American Eagle. This was a pivotal moment in her professional life.

In the drama film ‘The Education of Charlie Banks,’ she co-starred with Jesse Eisenberg. She was cast as Maureen in the thriller “The Life Before Her Eyes” the following year.

In 2008, she starred as Grace Berry in the drama film ‘Middle of Nowhere,’ in which she depicted a young woman coming of age. Her mother, Susan Sarandon, was also cast in the film.
In the TV show ‘Californication,’ she played Jackie, a stripper.
As a guest host on ‘Attack,’ she co-hosted an episode with Kevin Pereira.

Her Achievements and Honors

Eva earned the ‘Young Artist Award’ for ‘The Banger Sisters’ in 2003, for Best Performance in a Feature Film – Supporting Young Actress.
For her work in ‘Stag,’ Amurri was nominated for the L.A. Comedy Film Festival and Screenplay Competition’s Best Actor in a Feature Film award in 2013.

Her Life in General

Kyle Martino, a former Major League Soccer player and sports commentator, is Eva’s husband. On October 29th, 2011, they married. Kyle reportedly proposed to her the day following her stunning Maxim photo session. Tim and Susan hosted Eva and Kyle’s wedding party.

A girl was born in August 2014, and a son was born in October 2016. In August of 2015, she also had a nine-week loss.
On her blog, ‘Happily Eva After,’ Eva is a regular blogger. Her hair has a natural red hue and she has hazel colored gorgeous eyes.

Miles Robbins and Jack Henry Robbins are two of Eva’s half-brothers.
Susan, Eva’s mother, is frequently seen taunting her about her fashion indifference. Antonio Amurri, her paternal grandfather, and Valentina Amurri, her paternal aunt, were also authors.

Acting, Eva has often stated, is a fantastic way to be various things and to not be the same person every day.
She believes that a person should be regarded an angel if they teach children how to develop mentally, socially, and

physically without charging anything. Eva has showed an interest in becoming a teacher or educator.
The Guggenheim Museum in New York houses Eva’s photograph portrait, which was taken by Robert Mapplethorpe in 1988.

Estimated Net Worth

Eva Amurri has a net worth of roughly $5 million as of August 2017.