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Detroit, Michigan

American improv comedian and social media personality Evan Breen. He rose to fame primarily as a “Viner” and is now a prominent ‘Instagram’ celebrity. Evan amassed millions of followers on ‘Vine’ before the app was discontinued. His outstanding sense of humor, comic timing, and acting abilities contributed significantly to his fame. The majority of his sketch-comedy videos are inspired by actual events. Currently, Evan uploads his comedic content to his ‘YouTube’ channel and ‘Instagram’ profile.

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Evan Breen’s Career

Evan began his profession in 2011 while still in college. Previously, he created content for ‘Twitter.’ He lost interest in the application over time. Consequently, he chose to resign. Evan worked as a transporter at Royal Oak, Michigan’s ‘Beaumont Hospital’ as well. During his final semester, Evan was drawn to ‘Vine.’ Soon after being significantly influenced by comedian Chris D’Elia, he decided to become a “Viner.”

Evan was in his final semester of college when he pulled out to pursue a career on ‘Vine.’ Initially, he had great difficulty with his content. His comic timing was weak, and his sketches were not particularly humorous. However, Evan began working on his weak aspects. Under the tutelage of comedian Pete Holmes, Evan’s comedic abilities significantly improved.

Additionally, Evan had a college companion who was extremely supportive of his unconventional career choice. Despite Evan’s subpar writing, she would always encourage him to improve. In addition, Evan’s sluggish speech would remind her of the turtle from the film Finding Nemo. This is how Evan acquired the online alias “LA Turtle.”

Soon after, Evan returned to ‘Vine’ with more refined skills and content, to the delight of the audience. Moreover, sketch-comedy and improvisational comedy groups like ‘Upright Citizens Brigade,’ ‘The Groundlings,’ and ‘Second City’ greatly influenced him. His transformation was a career turning point.

His charismatic personality, an ensemble of characters, offbeat jokes, and observational humor did wonders for his ‘Vine’ career. When Evan attained seventy thousand followers on ‘Vine,’ a Los Angeles-based ‘YouTube’ and ‘Vine’ network contacted him. He reluctantly accepted the offer because he had never been engaged in advertising. However, this proposition ultimately benefited his career.

Soon after, Evan’s ‘Vine’ vocation gained momentum. He amassed more than a million followers on ‘Vine’ prior to the application’s removal. Following this, Evan turned to ‘YouTube,’ which allowed him a greater artistic license. Despite this, ‘Vine’ continues to occupy a special place in Evan’s heart. He believes that ‘Vine’ does not give sketch-comedy artists enough time to express themselves and perform, but that it is the ideal platform for them to showcase their talent.

Even now uploads his illustrations to his YouTube and Instagram accounts. The channel has slightly more than 404 thousand subscribers, whereas his Instagram posts have attracted more than 270 thousand followers. Evan remains active on Twitter, where he began his career, and has amassed over 323 thousand followers.

Evan now works as a producer for a social-media agency and also networks with production companies and websites such as ‘Funny or Die’ and ‘Super Deluxe Video.’ Evan maintains a balance between his comedy writing endeavors and social media career by frequently traveling between Michigan and California. In the future, Evan intends to develop a pilot for a television program. Additionally, he desires to complete his university degree.

Evan’s Personal Life

Evan Michael Breen was born on November 7, 1988, in Detroit, Michigan. His family initially resided in the city of Grosse Pointe. His sister’s name is Kelly. Currently, Evan resides in Los Angeles. In Kalamazoo, Michigan, Evan attended ‘Western Michigan University’. He studied communication for one semester and then accounting for the following. Evan bowed out in 2010. In high school, he played hockey, golf, and baseball.

Evan is proud of his Detroit roots. He has a strong attachment to his birthplace. He believes that the people in his hometown are genuine and do not fake their sentiments, unlike the majority of Los Angeles residents. Evan is also an animal advocate.

Estimated Net Worth

Evan is one of the wealthiest Instagram stars and one of the most renowned. Based on our analysis of Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider, Evan Breen has a net worth of $5 million.