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Exzavier Whitley is a young Denver-based singer-songwriter, composer, and musician. He is best known for the original video for his song “Finally Happy,” which has over 16k views on YouTube and has gained him some notoriety outside of Denver. He’s also published a four-song EP called ‘Gone West,’ which features two of his pals, Lisa Von H and Helen Rae Glindemann, who are both singers. In the United States, his singles ‘Spilled,’ ‘Where To,’ and ‘Stop Cutting’ are also highly popular among youngsters. Exzavier Whitley’s followers find him endearing since many young teenagers, particularly those from disadvantaged black households, can readily identify to him. Whitley’s life has been challenging since he was a tiny child. All he knew as a child was sorrow, grief, and suffering. He was even involved in street fighting during his adolescence. However, his love for music saved him from wrecking his life, and he vowed to use the power of music to establish a decent life for himself.

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Career of Exzavier

Exzavier Whitley’s career began when he was just a child when he fell in love with music. He started writing poems when he was in elementary school. In fact, when he was in elementary school, he earned an award for outstanding poem writing. His early years were filled with adversity.

He could only vent his grief and find the strength to deal with the problems life hurled at him by writing poems. He eventually began to compose lyrics. He received his first guitar when he was 11 years old, in 2008. Despite not having received formal instruction, he began playing it on his own and was quickly able to play it fairly effectively.

He was exposed to street violence as a child and even had gang issues. His early years were just as challenging as his childhood, if not more so. He did, however, know where to seek solace: music! Despite his youth, he was hardworking and eager to establish a decent life for himself through his musical and acting abilities.

By 2010, he had started using his phone to record brief tracks and snatches. Despite his passion for music, he was still hesitant to share his abilities with the rest of the world.

He also started acting in theater work at the Inside Out Community Arts Program in Culver City about this time. Exzavier got the chance to appear in a short pilot called ‘Movies 4 yo broke a’ alongside his uncle Vargus Mason, who is a professional comedian.

In terms of his musical career, he began by performing in stage shows and songwriting competitions while attempting to improve his guitar talents. After gaining enough confidence, he began working with Michael Paige, the bassist for the American rock band Crown of Thorns, with whom he recorded his first single, ‘This Way.’

However, this song was never released. Paige, however, was blown away by the young boy’s abilities and introduced him to globally renowned guitarists Micki Free and Carlos Santana.

Whitley’s career as a musician eventually took off, and he went on to produce a four-song EP called ‘Gone West,’ which received some critical acclaim. ‘Backroads,’ a standalone introductory CD, was also released. KCTL 93.3, Denver Colorado’s leading rock radio station, played his song “Drifting Away,” which featured singer Lisa Von H.

His original performance video of his song “Finally Happy” received over 16k views, marking yet another achievement. He’s now working on an acoustic folk and blues album called ‘Oppressed,’ which will feature Lee Nelson, Lisa Von H, and John Bilyk, among others.

This ambitious young man is a singer-songwriter, musician, and entrepreneur in addition to being a singer-songwriter and musician. He founded OneThrone Productions LLC, a media and music label, in 2012.

Whitley’s Personal Life

Whitley was born in Denver on May 24, 1997. There isn’t much information about his parents or education. His uncle is comedian Vargus Mason, and his step-cousin is actor Bradley Whitford.

Whitley’s social media channels, where he is relatively popular, reveal that he has had numerous problems and struggles throughout his young life. He frequently discusses his traumatic background and all that he had to suffer while growing up in his Facebook posts.

We can tell that this brilliant vocalist has many unpleasant memories based on his passionate music and poignant lyrics. His music is a gift to a generation of teenagers who grew up in terrible conditions.

His early accomplishment serves as an example to young people that no matter what obstacles they face in life, they can always succeed if they are determined enough.

Exzavier Whitley’s guitar playing style is frequently compared to Bruce Springsteen’s.
He has a strong desire to learn to cook and spent five months at Katie’s Cooking School in Encino, California.

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