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Fadi Fawaz is a Lebanese photographer and hairstylist with Australian roots. He gained notoriety as George Michael’s boyfriend. They dated for a considerable amount of time before George passed away in 2016. Several newspaper headlines after George’s passing framed Fadi. He asserted that George had killed himself, defying the findings of the autopsy. George’s family forbade him from going to the burial since they believed he was the cause of the passing. The question of who would inherit George’s belongings was contentious. The enormous maintenance allowance that Fadi demanded was rejected by George’s relatives. Afterward, they decided to offer Fadi access to George’s London estate in exchange for him keeping media secrets about George’s private life.

Fadi Fawaz’s Relationship with George

In 2009, Fadi and George got together. At the time, George was seeing someone. In 2011, following George’s breakup with American art dealer Kenny Goss, he started having an affair with Fadi. Following their 2015 photo shoot in Switzerland, a few of Fadi and George’s final images together were made public. They did, however, often avoid discussing their connection with the press.
Sources claim that George had received assistance from Fadi on multiple occasions with personal matters. In 2015, as George was battling his drug addiction in a Swiss recovery center, he gave him emotional support.

George and Fadi Fawaz

December 2016 marked George’s passing. On Christmas morning, Fadi went to George’s room to wake him up and discovered him dead in his bed. They intended to spend the Christmas season together.
After that, Fadi disclosed in various newspaper headlines how he had found George’s lifeless body on the bed on Christmas Day.

Subsequently, there were several “tweets” from Fadi’s “Twitter” account implying that George had ended his life. An autopsy report subsequently disclosed that heart failure was the cause of death. Nevertheless, Fadi claimed that his “Twitter” page had been hacked and denied ever posting those “tweets.” Many of George’s loved ones and acquaintances believed that Fadi was to blame for his passing. A year prior, the two had broken up, as several of them disclosed. It was forbidden for Fadi to go to George’s burial. Still, on March 29, 2017, Fadi showed up to the funeral, which was held at ‘Highgate Cemetery’ in North London, in a hired car. He showed up at the funeral home, but he was turned away.
Following George’s passing, several disputes centered on Fadi and the distribution of George’s enormous estate.

Fadi declared in a “tweet” on April 16, 2018, that he would be selling George’s possessions. Nonetheless, there was a lot of hostility toward George in the “tweet”. Since his passing, Fadi has been residing in George’s enormous, opulent estate. Sources stated in May 2018 that he had received a request to vacate George’s Regent’s Park residence in London. Subsequently, Fadi made a substantial maintenance claim. He became dependent on the opulent way of life he had throughout his seven-year romance with George.

An estimated €1,000,000 was promised to Fadi in exchange for disclosing the specifics of George’s personal life and their connection. This alarmed George’s family because they thought Fadi would divulge private information about them, damaging their reputation in the press. So they offered Fadi George’s London property to dissuade him from accepting the offer. They also offered him maintenance money for €250,000.

Career and Personal Life

On May 24, 1973, Fadi was born in Australia. He is descended from Lebanon. Later on, Fadi relocated to London, England.
Fadi works as a photographer and a hairstylist. You can view his works on “Flickr.” Many people have praised Fadi’s editing style. ‘The Pussycat Dolls’ and supermodel Naomi Campbell are just two of the famous people Fadi has styled’s hair. In an episode of the 2011 comedy-drama “SLiDE,” Fadi made an appearance.

Net worth of Fadi Fawaz

The estimated net worth of Fadi Fawaz is about $1 million.