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Irvington, New Jersey
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Irvington, New Jersey

American rapper, comedian, and social media star Fatboy SSE. Additionally, he goes by the nicknames “Fats” and “Boobie.” His songs including “Hate,” “Upset,” “Drake,” and “Yes Julz!” are others of note. He has a sizable fan base thanks to his humorous videos, which has helped him become known as a respected sketch-comedy artist. On his YouTube account of the same name, you can see all of his music videos. On his “Instagram feed,” which has now amassed over 4 million followers, one may find Fatboy’s comedic videos. He has a history of being arrested and has once been a narcotics dealer.

Birth and childhood

Tyriq Thomas Kimbrough, better known as Fatboy SSE, was born in Irvington, New Jersey, on November 16, 1993. One of his brothers is Darius DK, a well-known comedian.

In his hometown, Fatboy attended “Union Avenue Middle School.” He never had a passion for academics but always loved athletics. He played on the football squad at his school. Fatboy’s sole ambition in life was to become well-known and wealthy.

Fatboy started selling drugs to make quick cash. He started peddling narcotics when he was just 14 years old. At first, he merely sold marijuana and cannabis, but he soon started selling more deadly substances like cocaine.

Fatboy has numerous ink marks. At the age of fifteen, he received his first tattoo. At age 17, he received his first face tattoo. His sister, who passed away in 2008 due to street violence, is honored with one of the tattoos on his chest.

He made a decent living selling narcotics, and he kept doing it until he was arrested. He spent five days in jail between the ages of 18 and 22. Most of his prison terms were between a few days and a few months. During that time, Fatboy felt the desire to improve his circumstances and make more money. He wanted to be a good role model for his brothers.

Fatboy’s New Job

After being let out of prison for the fifth time, Fatboy made an effort to rebuild his life. He desired a respectable position where he could make an honest life. He accepted a position at the restaurant “Chipotle.” In comparison to the money he made from selling narcotics, the money he made there was pitiful.

It did, however, pay his bills and was a respectable employment. Fatboy immediately came to the conclusion that he was not suited for a typical work. He frequently arrived late for work and did not give his job his all.

He was let go by his management at “Chipotle” after around three months. The justification for the firing was really poor. In addition to being three minutes late, Fatboy had left an apron on a car seat. His management made fun of him before directing him to leave. Fatboy made the decision to never eat at “Chipotle” again after becoming furious with the manager.

Music and social media careers

Fatboy immediately returned to rapping, his first love. He aspired to perform some major rapping that would make him famous and wealthy. He held Tupac, Biggie, Jadakiss, and Lil Wayne in high regard. Fatboy started sharing his music videos on “Instagram,” which aided in the development of his social media empire.

He published the song “Want 2” in 2015, and it brought him the recognition he deserved. When he released his first mixtape, “Fat Bastard,” in January 2016, his fame soared even more. It featured songs like “McDonalds Freestyle,” “2 Big Macs,” “Mind Yo Business,” and others with DJ Spunk and Bundles.

He released the mixtape “F#ck Burger King” in May 2016. In 2017, he released two additional albums, “A Fat Kid Loves Cake” and “2 Fat.” Numerous of his tracks have topped the US music charts, including “Yes Julz!,” “Dancing Diamonds,” “Never Give a Hoe Nothing,” “Mama House,” and “Drake.” In honor of Michelle Obama, the former first lady, he also released a song.

Numerous well-known celebrities, including Michel Bell, 50 Cent, and Meek Mill, took notice of his extraordinary growth. Additionally, he has worked with musicians like Boonk. Fatboy publishes his musical endeavors on SoundCloud and his YouTube channel of the same name. Fatboy is well recognized for his amusing short films.

Millions of people follow him on Instagram because to his amusing comedy videos. He has collaborated on projects with his brother Darius DK, a well-known internet comic, on a few occasions.

Fatboy’s Individual Life

Fatboy enjoys enormous female support. His girlfriend has made several appearances in his comedic videos.

Estimated Net Worth

One of the wealthiest and most well-known Instagram stars is Fatboy. Our investigation of Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider revealed that Fatboy SSE has a net worth of $5 million.