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Long Island, New York
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Long Island, New York

While some people are unaware that there are professional video game players, many others frequently believe that they must be overweight, junk-food-eating kids who are socially uncomfortable. They should look to Douglas Martin, a.k.a. FaZe Censor, in order to have their prejudices examined. The MLG National Championship 2011 in Providence was one of two national competitions he won as a professional Call of Duty player. Additionally, he is a popular YouTuber who receives sponsorship from companies like GFUEL, SCUFS, and Gymshark. Additionally, he is a fitness enthusiast who encourages his followers to live healthy lifestyles and possesses an admirable physique. Although he is a skilled gamer, his enormous popularity among gamers may be the consequence of his desire to challenge preconceptions. And to top it all off, Yanet Garcia, a Mexican weatherwoman who gained notoriety online for her toned physique, is the girl of his dreams that he managed to woo despite being a geek.

The Epic Ascent to Stardom

FaZe Censor was a quiet student in school who frequently experienced bullying. Playing vintage Nintendo games like Mario, Zelda, and Pokemon helped him find solace online. Although he was an active student who participated in football for the school, his video game addiction began to negatively impact both his academic performance and his athletic abilities. After “Call of Duty: Black Ops” was released, he became addicted to the game and eventually dropped out of school to pursue a career as a professional Call of Duty player. He was admitted to the squad “Quantic Nex-TT-hreat,” which finished in the Top 8 of several competitions and won the 2011 MLG National Championship.

Why FaZe Censor Is So Unique?

FaZe Censor struggled to join a team for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 despite his achievements throughout the Call of Duty: Black Ops season. He played for “Team EnVyUs,” “Thrust Nation,” and “Quantic LeveraGe” while switching teams. Nevertheless, he recovered over the course of the following season and competed effectively in a number of tournaments with the squad “Strictly Business,” placing fourth in the Call of Duty Championship. He was then given a spot on the “FaZe Black” team, which he later rose to head. In the ensuing competitions, the team displayed strong potential. FaZe Censor was forced to leave professional gaming in 2015 after the squad split up following certain differences and a string of dismal performances. He promised his followers that he would still compete in professional sports and that he was not yet finished. He took a break from professional gaming and concentrated on fitness training, which turned into his new love. He divided his time between building his own brand through his personal YouTube channel, which he started in 2011, and working out at the gym. He frequently publishes “how to” videos to help his followers live healthier lives and motivate them to reach their full potential.

Past Fame of FaZe Censor

FaZe Censor is highly recognized for his gaming prowess but is also respected for his kind nature. Naturally, when a young boy informed his father that he had cancer and had just three months to live, FaZe felt sorry for the young man and posted a video asking his followers to pray for him. However, he quickly came to understand that while the child was sick, it was not as serious as they had been led to believe, and this sparked a dispute that made him feel taken advantage of. He later made another video describing the issue to his supporters after deleting the original one. He also cautioned him to exercise caution in his generosity. The 13-year-old YouTuber Mathew Rhyze, was born with “frontonasal dysplasia,” and created a three-part joint series as part of his ongoing efforts to raise awareness of various health conditions.

Behind The Scenes

Douglas Taylor Martin, better known as FaZe Censor, was born on August 21, 1994, in Long Island, New York. When he was 13 years old and moved live with his grandma after his grandfather passed away, he had to switch schools. His sibling is older. His sister and father frequently feature in his films, and they each have their own YouTube channel with the names “Sister Censor” and “Papa Censor,” respectively. Yanet Garcia is the woman he is seeing right now. After seeing her in a YouTube video, he fell in love. He instantly confessed his love in a video on his channel, which drew the attention of his followers to Yanet’s social media accounts. They eventually began messaging each other, and he subsequently paid her a visit to Mexico. They frequently appear in videos together and have made their relationship public. He even gave her the inspiration to start her own YouTube account, “iamYanetGarcia.”

Estimated net worth

Moving on, it is estimated that FaZe Censor is worth $1.5 million in US dollars. He was making $18,000 USD from his YouTube channel alone as of August 2021.