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One of the directors of the video game collective “Faze Clan” is Faze Kay. Faze Clan is essentially an e-sports team that plays as an organization. The Faze Clan is well-known for participating in EA Sports’ FIFA tournaments as well as games like “Call of Duty,” “Overwatch,” “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive,” “Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege,” and “PUBG.” The owner of the “Khattrisha” YouTube channel is Faze Kay. For his daily vlogs, reaction videos, practical jokes, and challenge videos, he set up a new channel. Faze Kay enjoys a similar level of popularity on Twitch, where his thrilling live stream videos have earned him more than 90,000 followers.

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Google and gaming

Many days after the Faze clan was founded, Faze Kay joined. After purchasing the G2 E-sports lineup, the group entered the picture. The “Call of Duty” gaming franchise is what the clan primarily plays. Two years after the clan’s founding, Faze Kay was introduced to it when the makers of the clan became interested in the montages he had placed on his YouTube account.

The “Call of Duty” series is presently run by Faze Kay and others after being founded by FaZe Housecat, FaZe ClipZ, and FaZe Resistance. In addition to gaming, Faze Kay has gained a sizable following on social media thanks to his live stream videos.

Initially, the only videos on Faze Kay’s YouTube channel were game-related. But with time, he began to share a variety of videos. Prank videos, challenge videos, games, and question-and-answer videos are now featured on the channel. He has also worked with other members of the Faze clan, including Faze Linkzy, Faze Blaziken, and Faze Carl, among others.

Jarvis Kaye, his brother, has frequently starred in Faze Kay’s videos. They have engaged in numerous online games that have become popular together. Many films, like “my first fan mail opening,” “Q & A with my little brother,” “entire American McDonald’s menu in 10 minutes challenge,” etc., have been released by Faze Kay.

One of the most well-liked video series he has posted is titled “Ordering everything on the menu.” Together with his Faze Clan pals, Faze Kay accepted this challenge that has gone viral. The goal was to consume all of the food in ten minutes or less. Faze Kay arranged the pizza slices and attempted to eat them all at once before formulating a strategy.

He revealed his story of being conned by a store owner in a video that he posted. He then pretended to be injured as a joke to his brother. Faze Kay covered his hand in strawberry syrup and ketchup before telling his brother that he had dropped it into a blender by accident. On his channel, he has uploaded a number of additional hoax movies.

The risky and well-known “crazy corn on drill challenge” was then accepted by him. Faze Clan’s creators served as an inspiration for several trick-shot videos that Faze Kay also posted. He published a number of trick-shot videos showcasing his aptitude for video editing.

Despite the fact that Faze Kay is now solely focused on making prank and challenging films, he continues to publish videos about “Call of Duty.” The quantity of gaming-related videos has drastically decreased, though. One million people have subscribed to his YouTube account. After that, Faze Kay uploaded a video in which he expressed gratitude to his followers for their ongoing support.

His Individual Life

Frazier Kaye is the real name of Faze Kay. He was born in England on February 10, 1996. Jarvis, Chandler, and Jay, three of his brothers, have frequently made appearances in his videos. Jarvis later joined the Faze Clan and now uploads videos on video games to Faze Kay’s YouTube channel.

Video games weren’t always Faze Kay’s obsession. He never considered pursuing a career in the video game industry. He was one of the best students in his institution. He had also been successful in earning honors in college. Then, to pursue further education, he enrolled himself at a university. Faze Kay chose to major in business studies at the university, but after his first year, he became disinterested.

His interest in information technology, software development, and game programming grew as a result. He made the decision to drop the course and enroll in a different one that piqued his interest. Unfortunately, he had to leave the institution since he was abruptly instructed to select a different course. Then he began his career as a YouTuber, eventually joining Faze Clan.

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