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Samantha, often known as FGTeeV Mom, is a popular YouTube personality. She is a part of the FGTeeV Family, which is a well-known collection of gamers and vloggers. FGTeeV, the family’s main channel, has nearly 19.4 million subscribers. Aside from that, the FGTeeV family has six more YouTube channels. The FGTeeV family is run by FGTeeV Mom and her husband, FGTeeV Duddy. She eventually welcomed her children into the FGTeeV family and went on to launch more successful FGTeeV channels.

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Ascend to Fame

In 2013, FGTeeV Mom and FGTeeV Duddy launched FGTeeV, their main YouTube channel. On their channel, they mostly posted video game content with interesting commentary. The couple didn’t have to wait long for success because the channel quickly became famous. Their children, Alexis Ryan, FGTeeV Mike, FGTeeV Chase, and FGTeeV, were eventually added to the channel, making the FGTeeV Family complete.

FGTeeV Mom and her husband launched the FV FAMILY channel in 2018. Over 8.22 million people have subscribed to the channel. Other channels, such as Family Gaming SHORTS, TheSkylanderBoyAndGirl, IntellVEVO, DOH MUCH FUN, and FUNnel Boy & Friends, were later added to the FGTeeV Family. These networks have 8.1 million subscribers combined.

FGTeeV On their online store, fgteev.com, Mom and family have launched the official FGTeeV merchandise. FGTeeV Mom goes by the handle funnel mom on Instagram. She has over 241k Instagram followers.

Personal Experiences of FGTeeV Mom

Samantha, also known as FGTeeV Mom, was born in the United States on June 14, 1979. Mike, Chase, and Shawn are her three sons. Alexis Ryan, her daughter, is her other child. The FGTeeV Family includes all of her children. Gemini is her zodiac sign.

Vincent, also known as FGTeeV Duddy, a well-known YouTuber, is her husband. The duo enjoys playing video games together. They co-founded the FGTeeV and are the driving force behind its success. FGTeeV Mom has also starred in vlogs with her spouse, which are just as hilarious as their video games.

She is very close to her children and has played a key part in their development. On her channel, FGTeeV Mom has also inspired some prank films.

Oreo the Dog is the name of FGTeeV Mom’s dog. Oreo, it turns out, is also a member of the FGTeeV family.

Estimated Net Worth

Moving forward, there is no information about her personal wealth. Her family, on the other hand, has a net worth of $45 million or more. They’ve uploaded over 1300 videos, totaling over 16 billion views. Every month, she produces 9 new videos, resulting in 20 million video views and 16.4 thousand new members.