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Fie Laursen is a YouTuber, singer, and professional blogger from Denmark whose content centers on fashion, travel, and lifestyle. She has recorded a few tracks and released them as singles as a singer. She rose to prominence after publicly documenting her experience as a target of bullying on television. She chose to start blogging in order to express herself and educate other teenagers about these issues. Following that, she launched her YouTube channel, which quickly became her platform for expressing her hobbies and fashion sense. She starred in a number of Danish reality shows as her popularity grew, and she later released her biography. She is an outspoken supporter of many causes and raises consciousness about depression, anxiety, and bullying. She even launched a Facebook anti-bullying crusade. She is also regarded as a role model for teenagers due to her promotion of positive material. She is one of Denmark’s most popular social media celebrities, with over 3 million monthly views on her site.

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Ascend to Glory

Fie Lauresen’s YouTube account debuted in September 2013. Fie’s goal was to be a singer, so she went to Los Angeles to record her first single, ‘Secret,’ in 2014. Her single ‘Secret’ was the first video she uploaded to her YouTube account, and she later began uploading vlogs that were more personal in nature, such as an introduction to the channel, travel diaries, DIYs, and lookbooks. She then began posting fashion tips and life-related Q&As.

The channel became so popular that in 2015, she decided to launch a new YouTube channel called ‘Foreign Fie,’ which would be completely in English. The videos on this channel provide viewers with an insight into her Danish heritage and society. Her musical path was interspersed with her videos.

In 2015, she issued the single ‘Broken Soul’. She released d’Justin and ‘Top 10’ in 2017. She also rose to prominence after appearing on ‘Paradise Hotel,’ an American reality television show.

Her blog entries and vlogs went viral, and she was named ‘Social Media User of the Year’ by Reality Awards and ‘The Year’s Social Media User’ by Teenage Awards in 2017. In May 2017, she published her autobiography, ‘My Honesty,’ which was based on her own experiences. She is presently the main character in ‘Fies Bryster,’ a show co-created with AK Nygart. It tracks Fie as she decides to have breast surgery.

She presently has over 137k YouTube subscribers and 52 million views on her vlogs. She is also busy on Instagram and Twitter, where she has a sizable following. Fie, on the other hand, is most busy on her official blog, where she posts about anything and everything, including her promotions, personal articles, and collections. Her site receives over 3 million views per month, according to reports.

She is a well-known humanitarian in addition to being a social media influencer. She gave the entirety of her YouTube earnings in 2016 to various organizations; she also gives her clothes to charity and participates in various fundraising events.

Controversies and Scandals

Fie was an outspoken adolescent who wasn’t afraid to speak her opinion. She was, however, continually bullied at school because of her interest in fashion and blogging. She was even dubbed “Fissefie” and had to switch schools frequently, but the bullying did not cease. Fie became a victim of both anorexia and bulimia as a consequence of this. She began to suffer from depression and tried suicide. Her folks then made the decision to homeschool her.

She enrolled in a design school in Holte but dropped out due to anxiety in an academic environment. She chose to address this on television, explaining how she had been bullied at school. Because of her fearless attitude, she became a teen idol immediately.

Fie faced backlash after releasing her song ‘My Honesty’ in May 2016. She admitted to creating fictional stories and dramatizing her experiences in order to obtain fame and money. She claimed she lied when she claimed she traveled to Canada at the invitation of famous rapper Drake. She first came to Canada to see her ex-girlfriend and her folks. This video helped her viewers comprehend how perceptions can be skewed and what fame can do to individuals. She has expressed regret for her actions.

Fie’s Private Affairs

Eddie and Anette Laursen gave birth to Fie Laursen on June 3, 1996. She grew up in the tiny Danish town of Jaegerspris. She is presently based in both Denmark and Los Angeles. Simon and Boris Laursen are her two brothers. Boris, her sibling, is a well-known Vine celebrity.

Fie’s family is Religious, but she believes in the concept of energy and flow. She has revealed that she is queer. She was originally engaged to MrCrainer, a YouTube celebrity. She is presently dating Frederik Valeur, and they recently adopted a stray dog named Lucky from Romania. She also enjoys stamp collecting.

Estimated Net Worth

Fie Laursen is a $3 million net-worth Danish blogger, social media personality, author, performer, and model. In July 1996, Fie Laursen was born in Hilerod, Denmark. She began a fashion blog before starting a YouTube channel.