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English beauty and fashion blogger, “YouTuber,” businesswoman, and author Fleur de Force. Fleur has partnered with a number of prestigious beauty brands and currently owns three “YouTube” channels. She has published two books as a novelist that are focused on fashion and lifestyle. Fleur has established a number of high-end beauty product lines as an entrepreneur. She frequently appears on fashion and beauty programs, and she has expressed her opinions as a beauty “guru” in a number of fashion magazines. Fleur is now well-known in the world of fashion and beauty.

The career of Fleur de Force

YouTube videos were first viewed by Fleur in the summer of 2009. The ‘YouTube’ community won her over right away. Taylor Swift, a singer, once remarked on how she enjoyed all of the cosmetic lessons she saw on YouTube that helped her choose her looks for her music videos. This had a big impact on Fleur. She was ecstatic about the prospect of imparting makeup knowledge via “YouTube.” She immediately started researching the ‘YouTube’ beauty and fashion community. She was prepared with her plans for her impending channel a few months later.

Fleur wrote a product review for her mother as a content test, and she really enjoyed it. On September 29, 2009, Fleur launched a YouTube account with the name “Fleur DeForce.” The name “Fleur De Jour,” which she had originally intended to give the channel, was already in use. She added “De” to the title in order to give it a French flair. The entire channel is devoted to makeup, fashion, and beauty. It has articles on fashion hauls, cosmetics tips, product promos, and product reviews. The channel also features Q&A sessions when Fleur responds to questions from viewers on makeup and beauty. Over a million people are now subscribers to the service.

When Fleur finished her education, the channel was already well-known. She soon went to her first “VidCon.” There, she made numerous long-time “YouTubers.” This greatly increased her visibility in the community. Fleur has a website that doubles as a blog.

Fleur founded her second “YouTube” channel, “FleurDeVlog,” in 2011. The channel is mostly a vlogging area, as the title would imply. The channel includes vlogs about Fleur’s life as well as tag and Q&A videos. Her husband has also made several appearances in the channel’s videos. More than 563 thousand people have subscribed to this channel thus far.

The next year, Fleur founded the “YouTube” channel “Bride De Force” with her sister, who also works as a wedding planner. The channel provides answers to make one’s wedding day great and unforgettable and serves as a one-stop shop for all wedding-related questions. Videos on everything linked to wedding ceremonies, including attire, cosmetics, decorations, menus, and married life, are available on the channel. In 2017, the channel underwent a relaunch.

Fleur is not only a well-known beauty blogger, but she is also an author and an entrepreneur. She has also participated in numerous fashion and beauty initiatives and appeared on a number of talk shows. In the December 2013 episode of the “Lifetime” fashion reality series “Project Runway All-Stars,” Fleur made an appearance as a special guest. ‘feelunique.com,’ an online cosmetics retailer, hosted Fleur’s debut makeup collection in September 2015. Six lip glosses, two eye makeup quads, and a cosmetic bag with a watercolor print were all part of the collection. Fleur had published her debut book, “The Glam Guide,” earlier that year. The book contained guidance on first dates, healthy lifestyles, fashion, makeup, and other lifestyle-related themes.

Fleur’s second book, The Luxe Life: Everyday Luxuries for Lovers of Beauty, Fashion, and Food, was released on July 28, 2016. This book was a lifestyle manual, just like her debut. The book also included a variety of do-it-yourself (DIY) projects and over 30 quick recipes. Fleur and her husband can be seen on the “Homemade” YouTube channel, which highlights her culinary abilities.

In 2017, Fleur joined Jo Elvin, the head editor of the fashion magazine “Glamour,” and the entertainment assistant Sagal Mohammed on the podcast “Hey It’s OK.” A limited-edition nude lipstick was released in May 2017 thanks to a partnership between Fleur and ‘MAC’ cosmetics. After the debut, the lipsticks were out of stock in less than 12 hours. She introduced a line of eyelashes that same year, becoming the first social media figure to do so. The premium line of eyelashes was introduced in association with “Eylure.” She subsequently introduced a line of eyebrow products after having great success with the eyelash line.

Other well-known companies that Fleur has worked with include Starbucks, Coca-Cola, P&G, and Sainsbury’s. Additionally, she has partnered with the British baby product company My 1st Years. She collaborated with the company to develop a special set of 30 unique baby products. Fleur personally selected the products from the company’s spring collection.

‘BeautyCon’ and ‘VidCon’ are two social media conferences where Fleur frequently speaks. Additionally, she has received coverage from publications such as Cosmopolitan, Miss Vogue, Company, Sunday Times Style, and Channel 4 News. Fleur has also made an appearance as a beauty consultant on “This Morning” on ITV.

Awards of Fleur de Force

Fleur was named Marie Claire’s “Best Beauty Blog” in 2012.

In 2013 and 2014, she took home Cosmopolitan’s “Best Vlogger Award.”

Fleur received the “InStyle’s Project 13” award in 2015 for “Best Get Ready with Me Video” and “Outstanding YouTuber of the Year.” She was named the “Best Established Beauty Vlogger” and received the Johnson & Johnson Beauty Journalism Award in the same year.

Fleur won the “ShopStyle Award” for “Best International Influencer” in 2016. She won Cosmopolitan’s “Best Use of Social Media” award and InStyle’s “Project 13” award for becoming the “Ultimate Blogging Sensation” in the same year.

At the 2018 “Johnson & Johnson Awards,” Fleur won the prize for “Best Beauty YouTuber.”

Individual Life of Fleur de Force

On July 19, 1988, in England, Fleur Westaway was given the name Fleur. After getting married, she changed her name to Fleur Bell. She resides in Northamptonshire, England, at the moment. Alex is Fleur’s brother, and Hannah is her sister. The Fleur family runs a vehicle dealership.

Later on in her education, Fleur experienced bullying and body shaming. Her academic performance suffered as a result. She selected biology, geography, and physics for her A-level courses. She had a year off after finishing her A-levels to work and gain money. She traveled to Australia and got her first tattoo there using the money she had saved. Two stars were tattooed on her feet. The ‘London School of Economics and Political Science,’ where Fleur studied human geography, accepted her enrollment soon after her return.

Mike, a car dealer himself, is Fleur’s husband. After returning from Australia, she ran into him at a gathering. Mike would frequently visit Fleur after she relocated to London to pursue her education. They moved in together shortly after that. They have two kittens named Beaver and Growler as well as a Springer Spaniel named Woof. Mike proposed to Fleur when she was on a business trip. They exchanged vows on August 24, 2013, after becoming engaged on June 26, 2012, in Santa Barbara, California. On December 28, 2017, they welcomed their daughter, River Wren.

Squidge and Treacle, two Springer Spaniels, were acquired by Fleur after Woof passed away. She also owns Piglet, a Dachshund.

The TV series “Nashville,” “Vampire Diaries,” “American Horror Story,” and “24” are Fleur’s all-time favorites. Taylor Swift is the artist she likes best. She likes listening to “Metallica” as well. Her favorite performer is Ben Barnes. Fleur likes sushi and olives and adores the color brilliant bluish pink.

Estimated net worth

Fleur is one of the wealthiest and most well-known YouTube stars. Our research of Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider revealed that Fleur de Force has a net worth of $5 million.