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Franny Arrieta is an influencer on social media and a cosmetic artist. Her self-titled YouTube channel, where she frequently uploads personal vlogs and beauty and lifestyle videos, is how she first gained notoriety. She has become a well-known makeup artist and beauty expert on the social media site these days, regularly offering her expertise in the domains of fashion and beauty. Funny, brave, and passionate, Arrieta also enjoys creating YouTube vlogs. She is in a relationship with Kian Lawley, a well-known YouTuber that she frequently features in her videos. She frequently shares her own life tales with her followers since she enjoys building relationships with them. There’s a lot of fun stuff on her channel, ranging from incredible house tours to joint films with her partner and pals. In terms of personality, Arrieta is a self-reliant, carefree, frank, and responsible lady. She is not only extraordinarily beautiful but also stylish. She is well-known for posting musical stuff on her channel and is an enthusiastic music lover. Arrieta enjoys lounging, shopping, and treating herself while she isn’t working on her videos.

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Franny Arrieta  Ascent to Fame

On July 9, 2014, Franny Arrieta launched her YouTube channel. Her first videos were covers of songs, showcasing her singing abilities. Arrieta debuted her first beauty video, “My Everyday Makeup,” on May 25, 2017, showcasing a look that she would wear to work every day. The audience responded favorably to this video. She continued to share similar beauty and fashion-related content as a result. The stunning American woman posted her very first tag video on July 3, 2017. She revealed her sweetie, Kian, to her followers in the video named “Boyfriend Tag,” along with her other friends.

Following this, Arrieta proceeded to create beauty-related content and concurrently shared her vlogs about her daily life. The majority of her films quickly attracted thousands of views, giving her a hint of notoriety. The youthful YouTuber rose to prominence in a matter of years. She currently has more than 433k subscribers. Also, as of November 2018, her channel had received over 43 million views.

‘Roommates Try Most Painful Face Mask’ and ‘My Roommate Does My Makeup #2’ are two of the most viewed videos on her channel. In the first video, Arrieta and her housemates attempt an uncomfortable face mask in a vlog. Watching this video, which depicts the YouTuber giving her male friends a bizarre face mask, is very hilarious! In the subsequent video, Arrieta’s roommate applies cosmetics. Both of these films have received over a million views as of right now. Her channel features a video titled “Franny Arrieta – Overthinking (Official Visual Video)” that was uploaded recently. For music enthusiasts, this October 2018 music video is a must-watch!

Individual Life of Franny Arrieta

On March 27, 1997, Franny Arrieta was born in New Jersey, USA. Angela is the name of her mother. She has included her parents in Instagram photos and YouTube videos. Right now, Arrieta is seeing a young YouTuber by the name of Kian Lawley. The two work together frequently on her YouTube videos. Among Arrieta’s many close pals on YouTube are Bobby Mares, Corey La Barrie, J.C. Caylen, Wishbone, Anderson, and Harrison Webb.

Net worth of Franny Arrieta

The estimated net worth of Franny Arrieta is about $1 million.