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Louis Tomlinson and Briana Jungwirth have a kid named Freddie Tomlinson. Freddie Tomlinson, like most celebrity children, drew a lot of attention even before he was born. Even before he opened his eyes to the world, this little pudgy star had a large following. Freddie Tomlinson attracted a lot of attention due to the fact that he is the first child of one Direction’s members. On July 14, 2015, People Magazine announced that Louis Tomlinson and Briana Jungwirth are expecting their first child together. It should be mentioned that Freddie’s parents were never married and only had a pleasant one-night affair. Briana’s relative, who was also a part of the video shoot for ‘Steal My Girl,’ introduced them. Simon Cowell was the first to confirm the pregnancy news. While being interviewed live on Good Morning America on August 4, 2015, Louis Tomlinson gave a positive nod to the pregnancy news and remarked that he was “buzzing with enthusiasm.”

Early Life & Birth

Freddie Tomlinson was born on January 21, 2016, and Louis Tomlinson announced the news in a tweet on January 23, 2016. Both parents shared photos of themselves with the infant on social media, such as their Instagram profiles.

The baby’s surname will be the same as his father’s, according to the statement. Louis Tomlinson was overjoyed when his son Freddie was born.

In April 2016, Freddie’s aunts greeted him, and the boy was born a celebrity. Freddie Tomlinson is one year old, and he recently celebrated his first birthday with his family and Briana’s. The photo of Freddie’s parents giving him a cake is simply wonderful.

Freddie Tomlinson Controversies

Because they were never a couple and Louis Tomlinson was seeing actress Danielle Campbell when the pregnancy news broke, Briana and Louis’ connection has been a hot issue in the media.

He also appeared in public with Danielle Campbell. Briana’s stepfather released a statement saying that while he would be glad if Louis and Briana were dating, Louis will always be Freddie’s father.

Freddie Tomlinson Custody

The custody of Freddie Tomlinson has been a major issue of debate due to the case’s many ups and downs. Briana, according to sources, has made numerous requests for child support since the son was born.

According to some stories, Louis offered Briana $8200 in exchange for 50/50 custody of the boy, but she declined. Briana Jungwirth requested a sum of $84,000, then reduced it to $54,000, but Louis rejected it again.

Many stories about Freddie Tomlinson’s custody circulated among his parents, but almost all of them were debunked at some time.

Louis Tomlinson sued for shared custody of Freddie in June 2016, according to People Magazine. The public is unaware of Freddie’s current custody situation.

Estimated Net worth

The net worth or income of Freddie Tomlinson is believed to be $5 million dollars. He has amassed a significant amount of wealth as a result of his principal profession.