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Freddy-Cousin Brown is a model, dancer, and cosmetics and lifestyle YouTuber from London. She is most well-known for her YouTube channel ‘Freddy My Love,’ where she uploads a new video every week and has over 700,000 subscribers and 44 million views. Her posts focus primarily on her personal style and fashion, as well as her preferred beauty products. Since 2014, she has been able to produce engaging content that has attracted a large following and propelled her career as a social media influencer. She is an accomplished actor and model who attended the prestigious Sylvia Young Theatre School. Her feminine appeal and affable disposition have earned her a devoted following. She frequently collaborates with her YouTuber sister Coco. Her modeling clients include Charlotte Tilbury, Clinique, and Rimmel, among others. She is currently represented by the modeling agency Storm Management.

Freddy Cousin’s Career

Freddy-Relative Brown Brown has desired to be an actress since she was a child. She was admitted to the prestigious Sylvia Young Theatre School in London, where her academic and vocational training were combined. The school had an agency that scouted for professional employment and sent students on a regular basis to auditions.

She appeared in a few commercials, performed at various events, sang on the radio, and was an extra in a Harry Potter film. However, she did not achieve her desired success. She cites her height as the reason she was unable to land a significant role. Brown was exceptionally tall for her age and was frequently contacted by modeling agencies, but she desired to pursue an acting career.

At the age of sixteen, after graduating from high school, she began a career as a model, having failed as an actor. She was a model and worked part-time at Hollister Company. She starred in numerous short films, guest-starred in numerous television series, and appeared in numerous music videos, but her “big break” eluded her.

As someone who grew up watching fashion, beauty, and lifestyle videos on YouTube, she decided to launch her own channel in December 2014. Her YouTube career soon took off, and she gained a steady following. Gleam Futures approached her and subsequently signed a contract with her. At this juncture, she decided to pursue YouTube full-time and quit her job at Hollister.

Her aesthetic is described as subdued, sophisticated, and experimental. Her signature video style combines pastel and neutral hues with cheerful music. She describes in her most popular purchasing haul videos how even luxury brands cater to a wide audience. With such a large fan base, she believes that her social media influence will allow her to become an actress.

Her YouTube channel, Freddy My Love, has over 720,000 subscribers, and every Monday she uploads a new video. In addition to posting routinely about hauls, outfits, and makeup, she also posts videos of her travels, collaborations with her younger sister, and covers of popular songs. She recently began a blog in order to create more varied content. She hopes that her unique personal style will soon be reflected in an apparel and makeup line that reflects her passion and style.

Disputes and Scandals

Brown, like many other YouTube vloggers, was subject to troll attacks and malicious comments. Others have compared her to ‘Mean Girls’ antagonist Regina George. As her popularity increased, the number of these comments increased; however, she responded that she is not a “punchbag” and will not tolerate such negative comments on her channel.

Freddy’s Personal Existence

Freddy Cousin-Brown was born in London on 16 September 1994. She has even competed in professional synchronized swimming competitions. She is also ballet-trained. She is currently in a relationship with the musician and artist Jordan Clark. She also enjoys reading, and one of her recent preferences is “Gone Girl.”

Estimated Net Worth

Freddy is one of the wealthiest and most renowned YouTube celebrities. According to our investigation of Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider, Freddy Cousin-Brown has a net worth of $5 million.


Freddy Cousin-Brown is Disney-obsessed and finds the most joy at Disneyland. She has stated that her ultimate goal is to become a Disney Royalty. Due to her height, she was always chosen for school athletic competitions despite her lack of interest in sports.