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Actress Gaia Wise is also an activist with “Greenpeace.” Her roles in movies like “A Walk in the Woods” and “Last Chance Harvey” are well-known. As the daughter of actors Emma Thompson and Greg Wise, Gaia is more well-known. She has been in public several times with her well-known mother, who has won multiple “Academy Awards.” After an excursion to the Arctic Circle, Gaia—named for the Greek goddess of the Earth—decided to combat climate change. Gaia Wise is currently concentrating on her higher education among other things. She is hopeful about carrying on her mother’s legacy.

Early Life & Childhood of Gaia Wise

Gaia Romilly Wise was born in England, United Kingdom, on December 4, 1999, to Emma Thompson. Because of the fame of her parents, Gaia began hogging the spotlight at a very young age. She attended the renowned “Highgate School” in North London, where she developed a reputation as a diligent and focused learner. Gaia has always been fascinated by her mother’s activism as a “Greenpeace” campaigner and environmentalist. However, when she traveled with her mother to the Arctic Circle in 2014 as part of a “Greenpeace” mission, her life took a significant turn. Following the journey, Gaia developed an interest in climate change and a desire to unite with millions of other people in the battle against it. Some of her classmates, however, did not take well to her campaigning against climate change and began labeling her a “hippy.” Gaia stated this as one of her reasons for quitting school. Her father had constructed a “school room” for her in the middle of their yard, and she was thereafter homeschooled with the assistance of private tutors.

Public Events & Motion Pictures

Gaia Wise enjoys going to movie premieres and red-carpet events with her mother. She was spotted at the May 2012 premiere of “Men in Black 3,” a science fiction entertainer directed by Barry Sonnenfeld. Gaia was spotted with her mother on January 12, 2014, at the 71st Golden Globe Awards, held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, California. She accompanied Emma Thompson once more in 2014 as the mother-daughter pair went to “The Critics’ Choice Movie Awards.” When she attended the London premiere of “Bridget Jones’s Baby” in 2016, she rose to fame. Gaia looked amazing in a one-shoulder jumpsuit as she went to the red carpet-event with her mother.

In a few movies, Gaia has made appearances as well. 2008 saw her make her feature film debut in the drama “Last Chance Harvey,” which was directed by Joel Hopkins. She was given the chance to collaborate with her mother in 2015 when she was cast as Becca in the adventure comedy film “A Walk in the Woods,” which was directed by Ken Kwapis.

Private & Family Life of Gaia Wise

Gaia, Emma Thompson’s daughter, was sexually molested while riding the “London Underground,” the actress disclosed in 2018. Gaia was shocked by the 2017 event to the point where it took her many days to feel comfortable riding the Tube again. Thompson claimed that after being touched while on a crowded Tube train, Gaia was angry that she lacked the bravery to confront the perpetrator. Gaia’s elder sibling is Tindyebwa Agaba Wise. At sixteen years old, Emma Thompson adopted Tindyebwa, a former Rwandan child soldier.

The net worth of Gaia Wise

The estimated net worth of Gaia Wise is about $1 million.