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Gavin Thomas is a social media celebrity from America. His most famous act is the “fake smile” that went viral. When Thomas became an instant internet phenomenon in China, he began to take center stage. In just four months after its launch, his Weibo account—the Chinese version of Twitter—amassed almost 1.8 million followers. Since then, Gavin Thomas has won over millions of hearts in China, and he has even made two trips there to thank his supporters. Gavin’s GIF creators deserve credit for his widespread fame. The GIFs of Gavin Thomas have been shared more than a billion times on Chinese social media sites as of right now. Gavin has landed a contract with Tencent, a Chinese global giant, because to his popularity. Thousands of people follow him on social media sites like Twitter and Instagram, indicating his popularity back home in the United States.

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Ascent to Notoriety

On October 29, 2010, in Minnesota, USA, Gavin Thomas was born. Gavin was featured in a couple videos on Vine by his uncle Nick Mastodon when he was barely two years old. Internet fans took notice of some of Gavin’s humorous facial expressions and created GIFs and memes out of them. His forced smile was the one that stuck out, and many began to use it to convey uneasiness and indifference. Gavin’s expressions were on the internet by the time he was five years old. Stars such as Katy Perry tweeted his GIFs and memes. He quickly began gaining fans on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. His Instagram page currently has over 656,000 followers, while his Twitter account currently has over 450,000 followers. In addition, he has a YouTube channel with over 15,000 subscribers.

When Gavin Thomas made a Weibo account in July 2018, it was the catalyst for his major breakthrough. In a matter of days, his expressions gained enormous popularity, and a well-known Chinese fashion brand invited him to China in August. After the local media revealed his visit, the Chinese began referring to him as “jia xiao nan hai,” which translates to “fake smile boy.” He received another invitation to China in November and signed a contract with Tencent, which used his smile as inspiration for a sticker pack and included him in their Yoo video app. In addition, Gavin maintains a store on the well-known e-commerce platform “Taobao,” where he offers goods including smartphone cases. Ann Ding, the creator of a well-known online GIF distributor, explained Gavin’s appeal in China by stating that people frequently utilize his memes and GIFs to convey unpleasant situations. People have even said that Gavin’s smile may make them feel better, according to Gavin’s mother.

Private & Family Life

Kate Thomas, Gavin Thomas’s mother, is currently in charge of his social media profiles. Hadley is the sister of Gavin. She has been in public with her well-known brother on a few occasions. Gavin enjoys hanging out with his popular Vine celebrity uncle Nick Mastodon, who was a fixture on the platform until it was shut down. Nick Mastodon was the one who first exposed his nephew to the social networking landscape. Gavin Thomas aspires to become a well-known YouTuber and hasn’t looked back since the release of his first Vine video. Some excellent videos can already be found on his YouTube channel of the same name. Currently, “Settebello Entertainment,” a talent and literary management business, is in charge of Gavin. He goes to a neighborhood school while residing in Minneapolis.

Net worth of Gavin Thomas

The estimated net worth of Gavin Thomas is about $1 million.