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It’s not easy being related to someone who is the heart throb of half the planet. Ask Gemma Styles about it, and she’ll be able to write a book on it! It’s fortunate, then, that she is a well-established and successful author. But, just as Rome wasn’t created in a day, Gemma Styles didn’t appear out of nowhere. Gemma Styles, the older sister of Harry Styles, grew up in the shadows of her famous and adored brother, rather than the other way around. She’s odd, smart, and has her own thoughts. Despite having a brother who became famous and successful while still in his teens, she never wavered in her love, adoration, or pride for him. Gemma, a successful freelance journalist, does not and has never relied on her brother’s help or celebrity to get where she is today. Gemma, a graduate of Sheffield Hallam University, is regarded by her mother and brother as the family’s wise one and smarty pants. The University awarded her a First Class Honors Degree in Genetics as well as Qualified Teacher Status. She now works as a freelance journalist for prestigious publications such as ‘The Debrief’ and ‘MTV UK,’ and has been on shows such as ‘Whine About It.’ Gemma Styles has a sizable Instagram following.

Career of Gemma Styles

Gemma’s strength, like her younger brother’s, is her ability to communicate effectively. These words, however, are not melodies or songs. These are written words, not those of a performer or lyricist. Yes, Gemma is a writer, and not just any writer! Gemma began working as a freelance journalist for top media outlets in May 2015, and she is a top-notch freelance writer and blogger.

Though writing is her bread and butter, it isn’t the main source of income for her. Gemma also has a singing gene, as she released her first album in 2013. She was also hired as a model by Fudge Urban, a British brand, in 2015 for a creative shoot that included glitter and sparkle.

Scandals & Controversies of Gemma Styles

Being a celebrity’s sister comes with its own set of problems. When Gemma’s younger brother became famous, she was thrust into the spotlight and surrounded by issues. There were and are many people who believe she had it easy because of a renowned brother, from his visits to her university to him considering her nothing less than a revered person in his life.

Hate mail and unpleasant remarks on social media have plagued Gemma’s life for a long time, but they haven’t dampened her energy or fervor in the least. At one of these incidents, her own brother was seen being too protective of her during a live event. Gemma had a date at the concert, and being the protective brother that he is, Harry declared this during his live performance to let the date know that he was keeping an eye on his sister (isn’t that adorable?). This was pretty embarrassing, and it even attracted a lot of media attention.

Personal Experiences of Gemma Styles

Des Styles and Anne Cox gave birth to Gemma Styles on December 3, 1990, in Worcestershire, England. The divorce of Harry and Gemma’s parents was a stumbling block for both Harry and Gemma during their youth. This, however, had no traumatic effect on them, and their childhood was not tainted by any negative recollections as a result of it. Even today, Gemma maintains a love and healthy relationship with her mother and stepfather.

Thankfully, all of the fan backlash and hostility that has surrounded their relationship has had no effect on their sibling connection. In fact, through their gorgeous images and statues on social media, the two of them set sibling relationship aspirations for others all over the world. Their love for one other is so strong that it has shown itself in the form of tattoos on their bodies. Gemma has four tattoos dedicated to her lil brother, whereas Harry has three tattoos dedicated to Gemma (an iced gem, a letter “G” on his arm, and her name in Hebrew) (the letter “H” in Morse code, the letter “A”, a robin bird and a palm tree)

Gemma has been busy in the love area in addition to being a daughter and a sister. Michal Mlynowski is the man she is now dating.

Estimated  Net Worth of Gemma Styles

Gemma is one of the wealthiest Instagram stars, as well as one of the most popular. Gemma Styles’ net worth is estimated to be $1.5 million, according to Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider.