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Genneya Walton is a dancer and actor from the United States. She is most known for portraying co-lead “Bryden Bandweth” in the “Project Mc2” web series on Netflix. She only started performing quite recently in life. Genneya started her career as a dancer and appeared on shows including “The X Factor,” “Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards,” and “Radio Disney Music Awards.” She made her acting debut in 2014, and since then, she has been involved with several TV programs. She has additionally appeared in a few well-known TV shows as a guest star, including “Jessie,” “Extant,” “Kirby Buckets,” “School of Rock,” “The Thundermans,” and “Criminal Minds.”

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The Career of Genneya Walton

At age 6, Genneya enrolled in dance classes. She acquired her dance training in the US at numerous dance conventions and studios. She has training in a variety of dance forms, including ballet, tap, ballroom, jazz, lyrical, contemporary, jazz funk, and hip-hop. Genneya entered the acting industry while she was also pursuing her dancing studies. The “Brooke Byler Acting Studio” served as her training ground. She started dancing and performing professionally when she was 12 years old. Genneya started attending auditions for other acting and dancing roles around the same period.

The 2012 Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards, The X Factor, and the Radio Disney Music Awards all featured Genneya as a featured dancer. In the drama “Isabelle Dances Into the Spotlight” from 2014, she portrayed “Renata,” a wealthy and selfish girl who bullied the female lead. The eighth film in the “American Girl” series was this one. In the science-fiction thriller “Extant,” she played the character “Terra,” giving her acting career a boost. Genneya’s agency soon sent her an audition email for a project with a different name at the time. She subsequently received a part in the online television program “Project Mc2.” She played one of the main characters in the program, which was broadcast on “AwesomenessTV” and “Netflix.” She portrayed her persona, “Bryden Bandweth,” as a positive, tech-savvy kid. In the years that followed, Genneya made appearances as “Nora” in the 2015 television series “Jessie” and “Simone” in “The Thunderarms.”

In the 2016 season of the Nickelodeon musical comedy TV show “School of Rock,” Genneya portrayed “Maddy Wayne.” She had an appearance as “Francesca Morales” in the CBS police procedural program “Criminal Minds” that same year. In the Disney XD adventure series “Kirby Buckets,” she portrayed “Bird.” Additionally, Genneya made two appearances on “Home & Family,” a morning chat show. She also appeared in the instructional TV series “Adam Ruins Everything” as “Winnie.” Genneya appeared in two episodes of the “Fox” television program “9-1-1” in 2018 as “Laila Creedy.”

At occasions and programs like the “Dizzy Feet Benefit Gala,” “Dancescape,” “Disney’s Next Big Thing,” “Variety’s Power of Youth with Kat Graham,” “MDA Make a Muscle,” “Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Awards,” and “5 LP’s Music Video Concert,” Genneya has had a few notable live appearances.
Genneya has donated to the “Children’s Miracle Network” and the “American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals” (ASPCA) as part of her charity activities.

Individual Life of Genneya Walton

On February 22, 1999, Genneya was born in Chicago, Illinois, in the US. Her sister exists. Genneya became fixated on rock collection as a child. She became more interested in geology as a result of this. She would gather rocks and record the many kinds of rocks. Genneya is also adept at a variety of sports, including skating, swimming, biking, tumbling, and rollerblading.

Genneya has gorgeous curls, which is a blessing. ‘Camille Rose Naturals Curl Maker’ jelly, her go-to hair product, helps her take care of her locks. She enjoys making her own vegan cheeseburgers and fruit smoothies and is health aware. Genneya enjoys eating an excessive amount of apple pie and vanilla ice cream on her cheat days. She adores sushi and relishes dining at Santa Monica’s “The Lobster.”

Beyoncé is adored by Genneya. Run the World (Girls), a song by Beyoncé, is one of her favorite dance songs. Banks and Melanie Martinez are two other vocalists who Genneya adores. She looks up to actress Jennifer Lawrence in style. Jennifer’s talent and mannerisms in public have greatly influenced Genneya. She also admires Zendaya, who is an actor. If given the chance, Genneya would adore playing a role similar to that of “Zoey” from the American sitcom “Black-ish” (played by Yara Shahidi). A main part in a film like “The Maze Runner” would be her ideal performance. Terra from “Extant” is Genneya’s all-time favorite character. She admired Shawn Mendes a lot. Forrest Gump is Genneya’s all-time favorite film.

Net Worth of Genneya Walton

The estimated net worth of Genneya Walton is around $1 million.