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Pasadena, California
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Pasadena, California

A singer, songwriter, and record producer of American and Mexican descent, Gerardo Ortiz Medina. Gerardo was born and reared in California, and at the age of eight, he began playing music. He has always been interested in pursuing a career in music. Ni Hoy Ni Maana, his first studio album, was released in 2010. He thereafter experienced extraordinary success. A la Moda and “La Ultima Sombra,” two of the hits from his debut album, were very popular. The next year, he put out the popular album “Entre Dios y El Diablo.” Gerardo included unusual noises, such “mariachi,” into his compositions for his 2013 album “Archivos de Mi Vida.” His supporters ate it up. Since then, Gerardo has put out a few more albums and has emerged as one of his genre’s most well-known performers. Gerardo has also received numerous music honors. Despite being nominated twice for the “Grammy,” he has yet to win the prize. Additionally very active on television, Gerardo has served as a judge on the talent competition program “Tengo Talento, Mucho Talento.”

Early Childhood & Life

On October 5, 1989, Gerardo Ortiz Medina was born in Pasadena, California, to Cecilia Medna and Antonio Ortiz. The children and his parents relocated to Sinaloa not long after Gerardo was born. Four siblings made up the huge Mexican family in which Gerardo was raised. Kevin, one of his brothers, also pursued music as a career after growing up. Their parents’ passion for music served as an inspiration to them.

When Gerardo produced and released his first amateur CD, “Encuentro De Amor,” at the age of 8, he started to seriously examine music as a possible vocation. He also began giving stage performances in and around his community, which helped him establish himself as a local celebrity.

He was a student at Blair High School. He didn’t lose sight of music while he was in school. He was a well-known local musician and was referred to as “the son of Sinaloa” by the time he was 13 years old. As he took part in the program “Codigo FAMA,” which changed his life, his love for music deepened. He began preparing for his debut record as soon as he received his high school diploma.

Gerardo Ortiz’s Career

His first live album, “En Vivo Las Tundras,” was issued by him in 2009 when he was 20 years old. “Del Records” released the record. However, it did not achieve the kind of popularity he had hoped for. Gerardo quickly got to work on his subsequent album, “Ni Hoy Ni Maana,” which served as his official studio debut. The 2010 album’s immediate success can be attributed to its release.

Some of the album’s tracks went on to become well-known anthems in the Latin music industry, and Gerardo rose to prominence as a leading figure in the rapidly growing alternative corrido movement. The singles “La ltima Sombra,” “En Preparación,” and “A la Moda” all reached the top of the charts.

The record was released widely around the nation thanks to “Sony Music.” The album rose to the top 5 of the Billboard charts quite rapidly. En Vivo Desde el Gibson Amphitheater, a live album, was afterward published by him. 2011 saw the release of his subsequent studio album, “Entre Dios y El Diablo.”

Then, in 2012, he issued “El Primer Ministro.” It had a few passionate love songs and was a little different from his previous studio albums. The alteration was well received by the audience, and the record went on to become popular.

Following the success of his experiment, Gerardo advanced a step further and blended “mariachi” and “cumbia” sounds with his customary style on his following album, “Archivos de Mi Vida.” Like all of his prior albums, this one also topped local music charts.

Gerardo was inspired by this accomplishment and prematurely released a track from his upcoming album. The album, titled “Hoy Más Fuerte,” achieved tremendous critical and financial success, and the single, “El Cholo,” peaked at number 5 on the Billboard list. The album, which debuted at the top of the local music charts, was published in May 2015.

Gerardo had two TV appearances at the beginning of 2016. Como un Sueo, a concert movie that had a 2015 limited theatrical run, served as the first program. Telemundo broadcast it widely. The following episode was a four-part biographical documentary about him called “Gerardo Ortiz: Sin Censura,” which aired on “NBC Universo.”

He made an appearance as a judge on the talent competition “Tengo Talento, Mucho Talento” that same year.
Although Gerardo has received two “Grammy Award” nominations, he has yet to take home a trophy. He has, nonetheless, received numerous “Premio Lo Nuestro” honors.

Gerardo’s Individual Life

The imaginative, fantastical, and abstract singles and music videos of Gerardo Ortiz are well-known. He was detained by the Mexican authorities in July 2016 as a result of the intense violence he displayed in the music video for the song “Fuiste Ma.” In the video, he played a man who torments his girlfriend and her boyfriend before setting them ablaze.

Estimated Net Worth

An American singer, composer, record producer, and native of Mexico, Gerardo Ortiz has a $10 million fortune. In October 1989, Gerardo Ortiz was born in Pasadena, California.