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American businessman Giancarlo Purch is the brains behind the Blazendary name and associated YouTube channel. Purch, who is most known for his fashion vlogs and content relating to sneakers, has amassed more than 1.3 million subscribers to his primary channel. Additionally, he has a second channel called “Blazendary Gaming,” where he has promised to share entertaining gaming videos. In the present, he has established a name for himself outside of YouTube. Many others want to imitate him in terms of fashion and follow in his footsteps. Additionally, Purch has a sizable female fan base, particularly on Instagram. The American YouTuber, who is well-known for his spectacular and original fashion videos, is a straightforward individual. He produces entirely genuine videos, and his work never fails to astound viewers. He enjoys using vlogs to share experiences from his private life. Purch is a devoted and loving son who embodies the ideal human being. In his spare time, he enjoys traveling and shopping.

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Become a Star

On December 29, 2014, Giancarlo Purch created his YouTube channel Blazendary. He has since uploaded a lot of videos about high-end and low-end fashion as well as streetwear. For people who love fashion, his channel has everything from films on footwear and clothing collections to extravagant shopping sprees. Some of his videos also feature fashion trends, which is quite beneficial for viewers who wish to keep up with the most recent fashion statements. Purch’s channel features a variety of challenge-based videos in addition to fashion-related ones, all of which are fantastic. Additionally, the YouTuber has created numerous joint videos with his family and friends that can be found on the channel.

His channel Blazendary now has more than 1.3 million subscribers, making it a family. Purch also operates a business under this name to sell his goods, which include clothing, accessories, and household items. Purch’s brand has a lot to offer you, whether you’re looking for a stylish iPhone cover or a sophisticated t-shirt. The website allows users to shop for their products.

Giancarlo Purch also has a second YouTube channel. On June 11, 2015, Blazendary Gaming, a gaming channel, debuted. Even though the channel only has two videos, it has managed to gain almost 7k subscribers. Well, this channel must live up to the high expectations of all video game fans!

Individual Life of Giancarlo Purch

Giancarlo Purch was born in New York on August 2, 2000. He keeps two cats and a pet reptile. Speaking of his romantic past, Purch once dated a woman by the name of Gracie. After breaking up with her, he started dating a woman named Madison. The YouTuber is reportedly single right now. There is no information available about his family members. However, he frequently includes his mother in his films.

Estimated Net Worth of Giancarlo Purch

The estimated net worth of Giancarlo Purchis around $1 million.