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Updated On December 26, 2022
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Giannina Maradona is an Argentine celebrity who is best known for being Diego Maradona’s daughter. She was born into fame and is the ex-wife of well-known “Manchester City” striker Sergio Agüero. The couple’s divorce in 2012 was attributed to Agüero’s promiscuous behavior. She married Agüero, with whom she has a son named Benjamin. She came under scrutiny in 2017 after her father claimed that she and her mother, Claudia Villafae, had stolen millions of dollars from him and demanded that Giannina be imprisoned for impeding his fraud case against Villafae. Giannina is renowned for being media-shy and favoring remaining anonymous. After her split with Agüero, she did not appear publicly with any males, leading to rumors that she is currently single. Giannina is currently thought to be living in Madrid, Spain’s capital, with her small kid.

Childhood of Giannina Maradona

On May 16, 1989, Giannina Maradona was born in Argentina. She was raised in the spotlight. She is the younger of Diego Maradona’s two children with his wife, Claudia Villafae, an Argentinean player who is now retired. She was born two years before Dalma Nerea Maradona, her older sister.

Diego was a skilled playmaker and offensive midfielder who was most recognized for wearing the iconic number 10. Many sports writers and football fans believe him to be the best player to ever play the game.
Giannina’s parents met when their families moved in next door to one another in 1976. After the birth of their younger daughter Giannina in the second half of the 20th century, their protracted relationship reached its apex with marriage.

Due to Diego’s problems with substance addiction and the frequent news stories of his extramarital affairs, it was said that Claudia and Diego’s marriage was tumultuous during most of their relationship. In 2004, they finally split up citing irreconcilable reasons. Dalma, Giannina’s sister, is credited with saying that the divorce was everyone’s best option because her parents remained friends after the split. Giannina, though, was not content with the separation.

Individual Life of Giannina Maradona

After a brief courtship, Giannina wed football star Sergio Agüero in 2008. In the company of their closest friends and family members, they were married in a private ceremony. Agüero is an Argentine professional football player who competes for both the Argentine national team and the Premier League club “Manchester City.”

Agüero’s father-in-law, Diego Maradona, previously held the record for being the youngest football player to represent Argentina in a game played in the top division.

Benjamin was born on February 19, 2009, in Madrid, one year after Giannina and Agüero’s wedding.
After four years of marriage, the couple divorced in 2012 after rumors of Agüero’s adultery surfaced. While he was still married to Giannina, it was rumored that he was seeing Argentine music sensation Karina Tejeda.

Sergio appeared with Karina in public, confirming speculations about their romance. Karina broke up with him after five years of dating him as he was being treated for rib injuries sustained in a vehicle accident. Giannina casually responded when asked by a reporter to comment on the accident that she was unaware of it and had learned about it from the reporter.

When Giannina’s connection with her father deteriorated in 2015, this was just the beginning of a disastrous personal life that went much further downhill. After their father launched a fraud lawsuit against their mother, she and her sister remained by her. During a live TV broadcast for “Canal America” in 2015, Diego Maradona alleged that his ex-wife and former manager, Claudia Villafae, had defrauded him of US$ 9 million of his hard-earned money.

He called Claudia, his ex-wife and boyhood sweetheart, a “thief.” Diego claimed that Villafae had used the money taken from his bank account to purchase not one, but seven opulent residences in one of Miami, Florida’s highest residential skyscrapers.

In 2017, Diego accused his daughter of taking part in the embezzlement scheme run by Claudia after Giannina Maradona appeared in Uruguay during the fraud case procedures and left a few hours later. After garnering media attention for his salacious remarks about his family, Diego demanded that Giannina be imprisoned for her claimed involvement in the crime.

Giannina responded to the accusation with emotion, claiming she would keep forgiving her father for even worse actions. While the public drama around the Maradona family unfolds, the contentious legal dispute is still pending.

Giannina continues to keep a low profile, keeping her work commitments and romantic status a secret.
In honor of Diego Maradona’s illustrious jersey number, Giannina made a special appearance via satellite on her father’s popular monthly TV program, “La Noche del 10” (The Night of the No. 10).

Giannina Maradona Net Worth

Giannina is one of the wealthiest and most well-liked family members. Giannina Maradona is worth $5 million, according to our analysis of data from sources like Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider.