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American costume designer Gina Maddy Kimmel has only created costumes for television. She was the ex-wife of Jimmy Kimmel, a comedian who currently serves as the show’s host and executive producer on ABC. She met Kimmel while both of them were students at Arizona State University; she is originally from Illinois. They fell in love, started dating, and got hitched in 1988, the year she graduated. Together, they struggled while Kimmel started to establish himself as a comic after college. Early in the 1990s, they had children. Gina made multiple appearances on the program as Kimmel’s wife after he was hired for “The Man Show” in 1999. They appear to have maintained a friendly relationship despite divorcing in 2002 and raising their two children together. Since 2012, Gina has worked on numerous television productions as a costume designer. She also owns a recently publicized online loungewear store with a vintage aesthetic.

Gina Maddy’s Career

Gina Maddy Kimmel spent some time traveling after her divorce from Kimmel before arriving in Chicago. Gina received training in costume design and discovered that she was drawn to garments with a retro aesthetic. On the television movies “Party Like the Rich and Famous” and “Party Like the Queen of France,” she worked as a costume designer. She also made brief cameos in them. both movies debuted in 2012.

She founded the clothing business Maddy James at the beginning of 2014 to produce and market her vintage-inspired loungewear range. To raise $15,000, she created a Kickstarter campaign. She first offered the goods for sale on Etsy after the funds were gathered. Since then, the business has expanded sufficiently to start selling its products online.

Gina’s Individual Life

In the American community of Hoffman Estates in the state of Illinois, Gina Maddy was born on December 13, 1964. The details of her upbringing and family history are scant. She studied at Arizona State University where she graduated in 1988 after attending Northern Illinois University from 1983 to 1985.

During her time in Arizona, she met Kimmel. Kimmel spent two years in Arizona but dropped out before receiving his degree. After getting hitched on June 25, 1988, the young couple relocated to Seattle, Washington, where Kimmel joined Kent Voss as co-host of “The Me and Him Show” on KZOK-FM.

Gina and Kimmel had a girl they named Katie as their first child in 1991. She would develop into a bright and imaginative fashion designer like her mother. Kevin was born to them on September 19, 1993. Like his parents, he works in the entertainment sector. He works as a crew member and an actor.

Kimmel worked as a radio host at various stations during this time. Before relocating to Los Angeles and beginning work for KROQ-FM, he held positions at WRBQ-FM in Tampa, Florida, KCMJ in Palm Springs, and KRQQ in Tucson, Arizona, for a morning shift. For the next five years, he reported for the morning show “Kevin and Bean” as “Jimmy the Sports Guy.”

Since the beginning, Kimmel has preferred to use family members and friends in his comedy skits, so he frequently traveled with Gina, his children, and some members of his extended family.

Kimmel started his television career in 1997 on Comedy Central’s game show “Win Ben Stein’s Money,” four years after the birth of his son. He and Stein won the Emmy for Best Game Show Host for the popular program. In 1999, he and Adam Carolla started hosting “The Man Show” on Comedy Central. Kimmel’s other relatives and Gina, Katie, and Kevin also made an appearance on the program.

The couple made the decision to divorce in 2002. On June 16, 2003, the divorce was legally concluded. At the moment, Gina is seeing Chris Jones. She frequently posts images of them together on her active Instagram account.

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