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The internet alias of American social media star Giovanny Alexis Valencia is “Gio2saucy.” He has a sizable follower base on YouNow, where he is well known for his live broadcasts. Beginning his social media adventure on “Twitter,” Gio has since established himself on other platforms as well. Gio has deservedly become a social media sensation with over a million “TikTok” hearts, more than 300,000 Instagram followers, and more than 60,000 YouTube subscribers. Gio has also made an attempt at singing.

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Reputation on social media

Gio, also known as Giovanny, randomly entered the social media world. He used to watch YouTube movies all the time. Gio eventually made the decision to try it after being greatly inspired by his favorite YouTuber, Yousef Erakat, also known as “fouseyTUBE.”

Gio started using social media with Twitter. He published his first message on Twitter in 2013. The encouraging feedback he got there encouraged him to later turn to the live broadcasting service YouNow. He thought the venue was an intriguing way to showcase his abilities. Gio2saucy, the name he gave his network channel, would eventually serve as his online alias. Gio currently claims to have over 80,000 “YouNow” fans.

He went to YouTube next. His passion for performing led him to start vlogging, and he later established a channel with the same name that features a wide range of entertaining material. A variety of amusing material is available, such as pranks, challenges, vlogs, reactions, and question-and-answer videos. A “QnA” film was the channel’s first upload.

The subject of one of his well-liked practical joke videos is “PRANK CALLING IG FOLLOWERS.” ‘100 LAYERS OF TIN FOIL OVER MY BODY CHALLENGE,’ ‘CELEBRITY SMASH OR PASS CHALLENGE’ (created in partnership with vlogger Alan), and ‘Whisper Challenge/ Loser receives eggs to the face’ are a few of the challenge videos on the channel. The first of these was a complete failure. Gio abandoned the task in the middle because he was unable to handle the weight of those tin foil layers.

In 2017, Gio went to a “Video Exposition” for the first time. He frequently posted videos from the conference site with the most recent information. More than 65 thousand people have subscribed to the program. Gio and his friend and fellow vlogger, Brandon, have a joint YouTube account.

Even though the channel hasn’t added any more videos, it still has a respectable follower base. Gio is a very popular use of Musical.ly, which is now known as TikTok, where his amazing lip-sync videos have garnered over 5 million likes.

Gio2saucy’s Individual Existence

Gio was born in Santa Rosa, Sonoma County, California, on September 24, 1999. Giovanny Alexis Valencia is his actual name.

Gio isn’t married right now. He favors blondes though and sees himself as a romantic guy. Gio loves eating a lot. Pizza is his preferred dish. Gio likes swimming and participating in sports. He performs the guitar with a lot of passion.

Gio, an avid animal enthusiast, keeps a dog as a pet. And he loves bears so much. He cherishes his stuffed panda toy, which he possesses. Gio enjoys browsing “Netflix” when he’s not blogging or editing videos. Gio wishes to pursue performing. Either Malibu or Los Angeles is where he wishes to make his home.

Estimated Net Worth

Giovanny is among the wealthiest and most well-known Instagram stars. Giovanny has a $5 million net worth, per our study of data from Forbes, Business Insider, and Wikipedia.