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Mykie, also known as Glam&Gore, is a beauty vlogger and professional makeup artist. She is well-known for her Instagram and YouTube tutorials on special effects cosmetics. Her content consists of a combination of instructional videos on advanced cosmetics techniques and special effects, industry insights, and product evaluations. Mykie, a self-taught authority on makeup, is extraordinarily accomplished. Her methods for applying cosmetics are genuinely remarkable and one-of-a-kind. Her channel features tutorials inspired by Disney to eerie Halloween makeup styles, among other diverse topics. Her knowledge pertaining to cosmetics techniques is exceptionally extensive. On social media platforms worldwide, her millions of admirers and followers are attributable to her inventive videos. In-person, the American makeup artist is a lighthearted and gregarious woman. She is amusing, audacious, and wild. She delights in discovering new locations and traveling. Additionally, she enjoys experimenting with the various cosmetics she purchases while traveling the world.

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Achieve Stardom About Mykie

The Glam&Gore channel was introduced by Mykie on March 16, 2014. ‘Mykie welcomes you to Glam&Gore’ was the title of her initial video upload. Subsequently, a video tutorial demonstrating the fundamentals of cosmetics blending was included. ‘Torn Face FX Makeup Tutorial’ was the title of the inaugural special effects makeup video that Mykie uploaded on May 6, 2014. In this video, she illustrated how she achieved the desired appearance using latex, cotton, and alcohol-activated pigments.

The tutorial garnered significant approval from her audience. With more than three million views to date, the cosmetics tutorial is without a doubt captivating. This was followed by “Frozen Frostbite Elsa Makeup Tutorial,” an additional special effects tutorial. Similar to its predecessor, this video rapidly amassed millions of views. The vlogger’s increased emphasis on producing special effects videos was motivated by the triumph of those videos.

Mykie rose to prominence within a few years as a prominent figure on the platform. The self-taught cosmetics expert’s channel, Glam&Gore, currently boasts a subscriber count of more than 3.3 million. To date, the channel has amassed over 330 million views. ‘Why I Don’t Have Eyebrows and Seeing My Brows for the First Time Ever (Kelley Baker Brow Makeover!)’ is among her most popular videos.

In addition to “Joker Fan Art and a Harley Quinn Makeup Tutorial from the New Suicide Squad.” The videos, which have amassed millions of views each, demonstrate Mykie’s exceptional prowess as a makeup artist. Mykie’s YouTube channel features sketches, parodies, and vlogs in addition to makeup videos. Additionally, she operates a self-titled YouTube channel where she posts vlogs.

Individual Life About Mykie

Mykie was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States: On November 1, 1989. She presently resides in Los Angeles. During her time on the set of ‘Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie,’ she encountered actor Jeff Goldblum and they exchanged photographs.

Estimated Net Worth

Glam is one of the wealthiest American YouTube celebrities. Our research, Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider indicate that Glam And Gore has a net worth of $5 million.