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American actor and producer Glenn Scarpelli is most known for his role in the television series ‘One Day at a Time’ His performances in films and television programs such as ‘They All Laughed’ and ‘Jennifer Slept Here’ brought him to notoriety. Henry Scarpelli, a renowned Archie Comics artist, is his father. Glenn is the current CEO of Sedona Now Network and co-owner of an organic lubricant business. He has always been forthright about his opinions on homosexuality. Glenn is also an activist for the rights and welfare of HIV-positive and LGBT individuals.

Youth and Early Life

Glenn Christopher Scarpelli was born on Staten Island, New York, on July 6, 1966. Through eighth grade, he was a student at St. Joseph Hill Academy. Glenn’s boyhood ambition was to become an actor. When he shared his desire with his parents, they connected him with theatre management in Manhattan.

Glenn received his first professional acting gig at the age of eight. He landed a role in a commercial for frozen pizza brand Celeste. For the commercial, he had to consume 27 pieces of pizza, after which he vomited all night.

He debuted on Broadway at the age of ten. The program was entitled “Golda’s Balcony” and was based on the life of former Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir. In 1979, he was also a part of “Richard III” on Broadway.

He was also instrumental in describing the stories of Archie Comics’ comic book characters. As part of Archie Comics’ 70th-anniversary celebration, the Glenn Scarpelli in Hollywood series debuted in 1985. His character visited Riverdale and hung out with Archie, Betty, and Veronica, among others.

He published a series of Archie novels entitled ‘The Americana Series: The Best of the Eighties’ in 2010. In contrast to other comic book characters, Archie Comics’ characters were never animated and so remained on the pages of the comics.

Glenn Scarpelli’s Career

The first film in which Glenn starred was one written by his father. It is a remake of the 1973 horror film with the same name, named “Forced Entry.” ‘Nunzio’ was an additional film he produced during this time.

He attended secondary school at the Professional Children’s School. In 1983, he was cast in the sitcom ‘One Day at a Time’ after two months of enrolling in high school. Since it was a correspondence school, the administration permitted students to work.

Glenn received the moniker “teen heartthrob” at the age of 14 for his performance in the long-running sitcom. His reputation increased when Barbara Bush, the wife of then-President George Bush, invited him to sing a famous song at the White House as part of a charity concert.

Barbara became a fan of his after seeing the popular television show ‘One Day at a Time’ During the last season, he departed the show to focus on another show, “Jennifer Slept Here,” which would also become a great success.

In 1983, he portrayed Mark Hammond in the episode “Vicki’s Dilemma” of the television series “The Love Boat.” In the episode titled “Don’t Leave Home Without It,” he appeared as Alan Stevens once more. In 1985, he made his third appearance as Boomer Panner in the episode “Getting Started.”

Glenn also starred in the part ‘The Bloodhound Gang’ from the PBS educational program ‘3-2-1 Contact’. At the age of 14, he appeared in the film Rivkin: Bounty Hunter opposite actor Ron Leibman. Glenn also appeared on the album’s ‘Get a Love On’ single, which was later renamed ‘Don’t Mess up This Good Thing’ In the early 1990s, Glenn was also a member of an after-school special. His close friend, Harry Harris, then directed him in an episode of the television series MacGyver.

Glenn disappeared from public view and enrolled in college. Afterward, he enrolled at the NYU film school to study direction. After graduating, he embarked on a new career path as an entrepreneur.

In Sedona, Arizona, Glenn has launched his own television network, Sedona Now Network. Jude, his longtime business partner, founded an organic lubricant company.

His Personal Facts

Glenn has always been honest and confident about his sexuality, and he has never concealed the fact that he is gay. He has never been reluctant to discuss his distinct personal and professional trajectories. He is quite close with Jude and Bonnie Franklin. He views Bonnie as his guide. She portrayed his mother in “Hot in Cleveland.”

Glenn was in a relationship with theatrical producer Gary. Gary was diagnosed with AIDS in 1987. They relocated to Los Angeles as a result of the hostility they encountered from individuals towards homosexuals and AIDS sufferers.

Glenn and Jude Belanger have been in a relationship for a very long time. He is also close with Valerie, his Broadway co-star.

Estimated Net Worth

American actor and musician Glenn Scarpelli has a net worth of $1 million. In July of 1956, Glenn Scarpelli was born in Staten Island, New York. Henry Scarpelli, the creator of Archie Comics, is the father of Glenn. Glenn made his acting debut in the 1975 film Forced Entry.