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Monterrey, Nuevo León
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Mexican singer, songwriter, and sporadic actor Gloria Trevi. She launched her career with the independent album “Qué Hago Aqui?” More than two million copies were sold, and it peaked at number one in Latin America. It was a commercial triumph. Her subsequent album, “Tu ngel de la Guarda,” likewise became a hit thanks to the song “Pelo Suelto.” Despite causing some controversy, the record was financially successful, selling about a million and a half copies. She quickly rose to stardom, but her career was destroyed when she and her manager were charged with corrupting young people, abusing them sexually, and even kidnapping them. Despite leaving Mexico, they were later discovered and detained in Brazil. Trevi made an effort to relaunch her career after being freed by releasing the album “Cómo Nace el Universo.” She is renowned for her acting in the Mexican TV series “Libre para amarte,” in addition to her music.

The career of Gloria Trevi

In 1985, Glorila Trevi made her professional debut as a member of the girl group Boquitas Pintada. After three years, it ended, and she contacted Sergio Andrade to produce her debut album. The next year, the album “Qué Hago Aqu?” (What Am I Doing Here) was released. More than two million copies of the record were sold globally, making it a hit.

Her subsequent album, “Tu ngel de la Guarda,” was a great hit when it was released in 1991. It not only became well-known all over the world and is regarded as the best work of her career while igniting some controversy. She gained a lot of recognition and admiration because of the success of her third album, “Me Siento Tan Sola.” Her subsequent album, “Más Turbada Que Nunc,” likewise did well. Along with Mexico, it gained popularity in nations like Peru, Guatemala, and Ecuador.

Si Me Llevas Contigo, her fifth album, was likewise a big success. It was released in 1995 and yielded the modest singles “Si Me Llevas Contigo” and “Ella Que Nunca Fue Ella.” She declared her retirement in March 1996, citing her manager Andrade’s alleged battle with cancer as the reason. On March 16 and 17, the National Auditorium hosted her most recent two performances.

She and her manager Andrade were detained in 2000 on suspicion of bribery, abduction, and sexual assault of youngsters. After four years, she was eventually freed owing to a lack of evidence.

Her subsequent album, “Cómo Nace el Universo,” was published upon her release from prison. It had a fair amount of success. After three years, she published her third album, “Ona Rosa Blue,” and it was likewise a huge success. 50,000 copies were sold on the first day of sale. It debuted at position five on the Mexico Top 100 chart and at spot 169 on the US Billboard 200. Over the following ten years, she released four additional albums: “Gloria” (2011), “De Pelicula” (2013), “El Amor” (2015), and “Versus” (2017).

She has also made a few film and television appearances. In the television series “Libre para amarte,” which aired in 2013 from June to November, she had a prominent role.

Individual Life of Gloria Trevi

On February 15, 1968, in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico, Gloria Trevi was born. The details of her early years and her parents are not well known.
She wed Armando Gomez, a lawyer, in 2009. Both of their boys are. The family calls McAllen, Texas, in the United States home.

Estimated net worth

A Mexican musician named Gloria Trevi has a $40 million dollar net worth. Gloria de los Angeles Trevino Ruiz, one of Mexico’s most well-known pop performers, was born in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, in 1968. Before turning 13, Trevi began developing her musical career in Mexico City. She joined the all-female band Boquitas Pintadas in 1985, and after the band disbanded in 1988, she made the decision to pursue a solo career. 1989 saw the release of Trevi’s debut album, “Que Hago Aqui?”; one of its tracks, “Dr. Psiquiatra,” became her first number-one single. Trevi released “Tu Angel de la Guarda” in 1990, “Me Siento Tan Sola” in 1992, “Mas Turbada Que Nunca” in 1994, “Si Me Llevas Contigo” in 1995, “Como Nace El Universo” in 2004, “Una Rosa Blu” in 2007, “Gloria” in 2011, and “De Pelicula” in 2013 as follow-ups. Trevi’s first album, “Una Rosa Blue,” failed to reach the top of the Mexican charts. Several of her hits, notably “Pelo Suelto” and “La Papa Sin Catsup” in the early ’90s, reached the top of the U.S. Latin charts. She is regarded as the Supreme Diva of Mexican Pop and occasionally the Madonna of Mexico and has sold more than 20 million records worldwide. She was detained for allegedly bribing children in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in 2000. While she was incarcerated, she made the pregnancy announcement. After serving over five years in prison, Trevi was ultimately found not guilty due to a lack of evidence. She resides in Texas with her husband, attorney Armando Gomez, whom she has been married to since 2009.