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GloZell American internet sensation Lynette Simon, often known online as GloZell Green, rose to fame thanks to her YouTube comedies and song parodies. She has performed at The Laugh Factory, The World Famous Comedy Store, and many other similar locations. She has also been on programs like “The Dr. Oz Show,” “Showtime at the Apollo,” and others. She started her YouTube channel in 2008, and the majority of the early videos she uploaded were “translations” of popular songs like “Rude Boy” by Rihanna and “Tik Tok” by Kesha. Later, she started mocking well-known music videos as well. She first rose to fame in 2011 after actor Elijah Wood referenced her vlog in an interview. She participated in the “cinnamon challenge” in 2012, an online culinary competition that required participants to consume one tablespoon of ground cinnamon in one minute. Her video gained popularity and was listed on The Guardian’s “Viral Video Chart” in addition to going viral. In 2013, she also issued two singles. After her White House interview with then-US President Barack Obama in 2015, she attracted a lot of attention. She starred in the web series “Escape the Night” in 2016. GloZell shared the Streamy Award for best ensemble cast with the rest of the group.

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The Epic Ascent To Stardom

In 2003, GloZell relocated to Hollywood, California, to pursue her dreams of being an actor and comedian. She received a great deal of inspiration and knowledge from comedian Jay Leno. This inspired her to launch a blog that featured interviews with other Leno show viewers. She began filming video interviews in 2008 after setting up her YouTube account.

She soon shifted to filming comedy videos, in which she acted like celebrities, parodied songs, and other aspects of her daily life. She became very well-known after her cinnamon challenge video debuted on The Guardian’s “Viral Video Chart” in 2012. She also appeared in Tordick Hall’s well-known music video, “Beauty and the Beat,” the same year. She has been in a number of shows and performed standup comedy in addition to YouTube.

In 2013, she released two singles. She has also written novels, most recently an autobiography titled “Are You Okay?” in 2016. Nils Parker and I worked together to write the book. Her White House-hosted video chat with former US President Barack Obama in 2015 has been her greatest accomplishment to date. They spoke about a range of issues, including cyber security, racism in and against American law enforcement, and U.S. relations with Cuba. GloZell starred in the web series “Escape the Night,” a murder mystery, in 2016.

Behind The Scenes

On July 30, 1972, GloZell Lynette Green became a human. Gloria and Ozell Green are her parents. Additionally, she has a sister named DeOnzell who later made a career as an opera singer. GloZell completed her studies at the University of Florida and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in musical theater.

Her first marriage to her husband terminated in 2003. She married her manager, Kevin Simon, ten years later, in 2013. She is presently a resident of Los Angeles. Through surrogacy, she gave birth to a girl in 2016.

Estimated Net Worth

An American comedian and YouTube star named GloZell Green has a $2 million fortune. GloZell Green was born in Hollywood, California, in July 1972. She received a musical theater degree from the University of Florida.