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Go Kyung-pyo is a South Korean actor and comedian best known for his roles in the TV shows “Chicago Typewriter” and “Jealousy Incarnate.” Go was a creative boy who enjoyed drawing and sketch in front of his friends and family. He was born and raised in Seoul, South Korea. After earning his degree from “Konkuk University,” he began looking for work in the entertainment industry. He made his acting debut in 2010 on the live sketch comedy program “Saturday Night Live Korea,” and he continued to appear on the program for the next three seasons. He put in a lot of effort to become well-known and respected. He has been in the sitcom “Standby” and the dramas “Flower Boys Next Door” and “Naeil’s Cantabile,” all of which showcase his acting prowess. He gained a lot of fame as an actor in 2015 thanks to the television series “Reply 1988,” and he quickly rose to the top of the list of up-and-coming talent to watch. He received the “New Star Award” in 2016 for his performance in “Jealousy Incarnate” at the “SBS Drama Awards.”

Young Adulthood & Childhood

Go Kyung-pyo was born in Seoul, South Korea, on June 11, 1990. Since he was a young boy, he has been smitten with his western comic books, manga collection, and anime shows. All of this contributed to the growth of his creative side. He states that he still draws and sketches now, having begun doing so in elementary school. He reportedly spent thousands on fresh comic book purchases while keeping his collection of comic books from his youth.

He was well-liked in school, especially among girls, thanks to his sense of humor and good appearance. But he wasn’t able to date too many females because of his social shyness with women. He got into theater in high school and quickly developed a passion for acting and other performing arts. After completing his studies at “Konkuk University,” he began pursuing a career in show business.

Career of Go Kyung-pyo

Go made his television debut with the program in 2010 after the producers of “Saturday Night Live South Korea” were impressed by his comic timing. He was initially hired to show up in a few episodes of the show, but he somehow stayed because of the positive feedback he got for his performance. He was scheduled to feature in the show’s upcoming seasons after the producers decided to renew his contract.

After that, he started making low-budget movies. In 2011, he made his movie debut in “Jungle Fish 2.” He appeared in two additional movies that year, “Graduation Trip” and “A Millionaire on the Run.” As a result of his appearances in the television shows “I Believe in Love” and “Operation Proposal,” his TV career also began to take off.
Although his roles did not reflect his enormous potential, he was satisfied with what he was given considering that his career was just getting started. However, as his career developed, the jobs finally became better. He quickly had the chance to take on a significant role in the well-known sitcom “Standby.”

Go gave an excellent performance in “Flower Boys Next Door,” another romantic comedy, and garnered high praise from the viewers. The series and “Naeil’s Cantabile,” a musical romance-drama that was translated from a successful Japanese manga, both enjoyed enormous popularity among young people in South Korea. Although “Naeil’s Cantabile” did not perform as well with critics, audiences gave it very positive reviews.

With a key part in one of the episodes of the horror anthology “Horror Stories 2,” which garnered him a nomination for a “Blue Dragon Cinematic Award,” Go’s film career had a considerable boost. The noir thriller “Man on High Heels” also enjoyed tremendous success, not just at the movie office but also at important award shows.
One of his most famous movies is the battle drama “The Admiral: Roaring Currents,” which came out in 2014. Despite the ensemble cast, which included both well-known and obscure South Korean performers, Go’s part was highly regarded.

His tireless efforts enabled him to land the most significant job of his career. He portrayed one of the main characters in the family drama “Reply 1988,” which was filmed in the northern areas of Seoul and told the tale of five families. The lead actors, including Go, received the majority of the accolades for their outstanding performances in the series, which was a huge critical and financial success. After the 2015 series premiere, Go started to choose and choose his roles more carefully.

Go made careful casting decisions and soon appeared in a major part in the 2016 television series “Jealousy Incarnate.” Go played “Go Jung-won,” a very wealthy and attractive man, in the workplace romance-themed television series. Both his manner and his comic timing received praise. At the SBS Drama Awards that year, Go took home the “New Star Award.” At the same ceremony, he was also put forward for the “Top Excellence Award.”
His cinematic career was also advancing steadily at that time. He appeared in a cameo in the movie “Casa Amor: Exclusive for Ladies” and had a few significant roles in movies like “The Treacherous” and “Coin Locker Girl.” For “Coin Locker Girl,” he was nominated for a “Baeksang Arts Award” that year. He also joined the cast of the well-liked variety program “Infinite Challenge” and appeared in the cast of the popular South Korean variety program “Youth over Flowers” in its African version.

He played a writer from the 1930s, when the Japanese had conquered Korea, in the fantasy-drama series “Chicago Typewriter” in 2017. In the August 2017 launch of the series “Strongest Deliveryman,” which followed a part-time deliveryman who gradually succeeds in both his professional and personal lives, he was finally granted the primary lead role after years of rejection.

Individual Life of Go Kyung-pyo

Go Kyung-pyo enjoys interacting with his followers, and in 2016 he watched an episode of his show “Jealousy Incarnate” with them. He unexpectedly showed up at the location, engaged with his followers, and responded to their inquiries.

Go has had a long-standing friendship with fellow actor Park Bo-gum. They frequently shared the screen together.
There hasn’t been any information about Go dating someone as of now. Go claims that he would be happy to tell people about any relationships he might have in the future.

Estimated net worth

The estimated net worth of Go Kyung-pyo is about $1 million.