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Gottlieb Daimler was a German inventor, industrial designer, and engineer. He was the son of a baker and aspired to be an engineer after completing his primary education. He trained with Raithel, a creator of the carbine, a short-armed weapon. After graduation, he abandoned gunsmithing to study mechanical engineering. He studied at ‘Stuttgart’s School for Advanced Training in the Industrial Arts’ with Ferdinand Steinbeis. He then went to ‘Stuttgart’s Polytechnic Institute’ to learn more about steam engines. He spent the next three decades as an engineer and technical director at famous companies. During this time, he met and worked with Nikolaus August Otto and Wilhelm Maybach, a lifelong friend of his. Both Maybach and Daimler intended to build powerful high-speed engines for various locomotive applications. Their initial creation was a primitive petrol engine. They cooperated and built an engine facility in Stuttgart, which later included a car section. Discover more about his life and work.

Early Childhood of Gottlieb Daimler

Gottileb Daimler was born on March 17, 1834 in Schorndorf, Germany parents Johannes and Frederika Daimler.
In just six years, he graduated from the Lateinschule in 1847. His father intended him to become a municipal employee, but the child had other ideas.

After graduating in 1852, he got an apprenticeship with gunsmith Raithel after creating two double-barrelled handguns.
After graduating from high school in the same year, he entered the ‘Stuttgart’s School of Advanced Training in the Industrial Arts’.

In 1853, Gottlieb was admitted into the factory college and became a foreman when the business ‘Rolle and Schwilque’ began manufacturing railway locomotives.
But Daimler, a mechanical genius, went on to study at ‘Stuttgart’s Polytechnic Institute’.

A Career of Gottlieb Daimler

Daimler, convinced that the days of steam engines were numbered, focused on compact low-powered engines in 1861.
In 1869, he became the director of the Karlsruhe locomotive and wagon factory.

In 1872, he joined the German engine maker ‘Gasmotorenfabrik Deutz’ as a technical manager. The inventor of the four-stroke internal combustion engine, Nikolaus Otto, was a guest here. Also, he met Wilhelm Maybach, a lifelong partner and friend.

Due to a rift with management, he relocated to Cannstatt in mid-1882 and set up an experimental workshop in his garden with Maybach.
By the end of 1883, they had built high-speed internal combustion engines for various locomotive equipment. These engines ran on gasoline.

They invented the ‘grandfather clock’ test engine in 1884. The engine might be utilized in cars, the Daimler motor carriage, and even boats.
In 1885, Daimler created the first motorbike by fitting an engine and controls to a two-wheeled vehicle he called the ‘reitwagen’.

In 1886, he fitted the ‘Daimler-Maybach engine’ in a stagecoach, a forerunner of the automobile.
In 1889, he created a four-stroke engine with V-slanted cylinders and mushroom-shaped valves. In the same year, Daimler-Maybach created the first automobile with a four-speed transmission.

Their partnership with Max Duttenhofer and Wilhelm Lorenz, the Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft, began in 1890. Disagreements with the new partners and a refusal to accept Maybach as a Director led to both Maybach and Daimler leaving the company.

In 1894, Maybach and Daimler teamed again to build a four-cylinder engine featuring a spray nozzle carburettor. In the same year, a Daimler automobile won the Paris-Rouge. The following year, Maybach and Daimler returned to the company, resulting in a boom in DMG’s business.
The business made its first truck in 1896 and its first Mercedes four years later. This automobile was named after the financier’s daughter.

Grandiose of Gottlieb Daimler

Daimler patented the internal combustion engine in 1885. The engine was one of the first to use a reliable self-ignition technology.
He also created the four-wheeled car. In 1899, his Daimler Company produced the first Mercedes vehicle.

Honors & Awards

In 1978, he was inducted into the ‘Automotive Hall of Fame’.

Personal Legacy of Gottlieb Daimler

Adolf and Paul Daimler were born in 1867. The couple married for over twenty years till Emma died.
At the end of the 1880s, the famous entrepreneur had heart illness. His second wife, Lina Hartmann, met him in Florence for therapy.

Daimler died in 1889 from heart failure. A harrowing drive in terrible weather allegedly hastened his demise.In 1926, his firm combined with the Benz Company in Germany to become Daimler-Benz AG, which ultimately became Mercedes-Benz Automobile AG.
Stuttgart, Germany, had a Daimler Stadium from 1993 to 2008.

Estimated Net Worth

Gottlieb is a wealthy and well-known entrepreneur. Gottlieb Daimler net worth is estimated at $164 billion by Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider.


This brilliant automobile designer disliked driving and may have never driven in his life, according to some reports.