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Australian YouTuber Grace Mulgrew is most known for her videos about Barbie dolls. Grace is the owner of the “Grace’s World” and “Grace’s Room” YouTube channels. On her second channel, “Grace’s World,” she only publishes vlogs; on her first channel, “Barbie’s World,” she only publishes videos on Barbie dolls and product reviews. One of Australia’s most popular social media stars is Grace. She entered the online world at an early age, and today millions of people subscribe to her channels. Grace has created videos, lessons, and even a miniseries out of her love for Barbie dolls. Grace produces a range of videos on her vlog channel, “Grace’s Room,” that gives viewers a glimpse into her daily life. Grace frequently updates the channel with DIY videos, trip vlogs, challenges, and tour videos.

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YouTube’s Story

Grace has always amassed a sizable collection of Barbie accessories and dolls. She used to play with Barbie and her playhouse for most of her free time. Grace wanted her father to record her playing with her favorite Barbie doll when she was six years old. Her father recorded it and then considered altering the video. The finished product made him quite delighted, and he immediately considered sharing it on social media. He then set up a YouTube channel for Grace and uploaded the film there.

Grace was seen in the video playing with her beloved doll. In a short amount of time, the video received a lot of views. This inspired Grace’s father to broadcast other videos of this type. Grace’s YouTube channel was created in this manner. Grace’s World, her channel, is now very well-liked among children. The channel’s original name was “gjmulgrew,” but to make it sound more intriguing, it was eventually changed to “Grace’s World.”

Grace then began sharing short movies with Barbie dolls. She creates a new plot that centers around several Barbie characters for each of her videos. In her videos, she also makes use of various Barbie-related items. Grace frequently helps her father edit and upload all of her movies. Additionally, she published a few video series. Barbie – Chelsea’s Slumber Party, Barbie – Movie Misbehavior, Barbie – American Girl Christmas, and many others are among the well-known ones.

More than 10 million people have seen some of her videos! When Grace started her second channel, “Grace’s Room,” which is mostly a vlogging channel, her popularity was at its height. She uploads question-and-answer videos, room tours, travel vlogs, unboxing films, Barbie shopping hauls, meet-and-greet videos, and other content on “Grace’s Room.” To provide more information about her to her admirers, she created this channel.

Grace has frequently affirmed that the stories she writes are essentially an expression of her ideas and creativity, which she does through Barbie. Through numerous DIY films that she frequently publishes on her second channel, Grace also showcases some of her artistic abilities.

The 2015 Online Video Award for “Best Kids Content” went to Grace. She had to climb a crate to get to the microphone when asked to say a few words about how she felt after collecting the prize. Grace is one of the top 20 YouTubers in the nation, according to a website. She was appointed the spokesperson for Shopkins, a range of toys produced by Moose Toys, a well-known toy manufacturer.

Individual Life of Grace Mulgrew

On February 16, 2006, Grace Mulgrew was born in Melbourne, Australia. Greg, her father, used to run the technical division of Grace’s channels after leaving his job as a software developer. In order to help his daughter’s channels succeed, he quit his work. James, Grace’s younger brother, has starred in a few of her videos.

Grace has experience swimming and is now taking dance and gymnastics lessons. She plans to pursue fine arts as a field of study in college. She aspires to create more engaging and original videos using the knowledge she has acquired through her schooling.

Estimated net worth

She is thought to be worth $2 million as of 2022. Her income from her primary YouTube channel ranges from $106.7K to $1.7M.

In addition, she makes between $7.9k and $126.8k with her second channel, Grace’s Room. Her third YouTube channel has an estimated $12k–$192.7k in profits as well.