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Graser is well-known for his streamer ‘Let’s Play’ game for the fantastical yet pixelated Minecraft game world. Zach a.k.a. Graser was only 8 years old when he created Graser10 in ‘Club Penguin’, which would later become his iconic gameplay channel. Graser is a real-life prankster and often performs heart-thumping tricks on his friends and family members. Many of his videos feature members of ‘The Cube’, a YouTube enthusiasts club he founded. With over 500,000 subscribers, his Minecraft-related channel is one of the most popular on the Internet. Notably, he collaborates with other prominent YouTube gamers such as ‘StacyPlays’ to produce weekly videos about their gaming style and challenges. It is not typical for a nerd to be a bully, but that is not the case with Graser; he finds even the smallest crevices and crannies of a person’s personality to exploit in order to amuse those around him. Most of his admirers affectionately call him “Graze,” and he calls them his “Biznatchez.”

The Star’s Meteoric Rise to Fame

Graser’s childhood aspiration was to become the greatest “flat-faced bus driver” Even though he did not pursue his goal of becoming a bus driver, he brightened his day by staying up all night playing video games after returning from school. When he created his Club Penguin character, he was so ecstatic that he held a party within the game when he reached 2,000 subscribers. In one of his videos, he stated that education was boring and that he just wanted to play video games all day, which he did. Graser’s videos and snarky remarks were very creative and witty, so when he decided to stream his games online on YouTube and Twitch, his work was well received. He has more than 500,000 subscribers and 185 million video views. He collaborates with eight other prominent Minecraft players.

What Makes Graser Unique?

This individual’s cunning puns and slapstick gameplay are not the only qualities that make him an excellent role model for the emerging Minecraft community. The majority of Graser’s fans are regarded to be between the ages of 8 and 16 years old, and he creates his material accordingly. As the ice-cold ‘Ice-bucket challenge’ swept the globe, Graser produced a video documenting his contribution to the ALS association. Graser has admitted in one of his videos that he was a bully in high school, but seeing him make such a generous contribution to such causes would only encourage his youthful fans to do the right thing.

Beyond Renown Of Graser

Evidently, Graser aspires to serve as a role model for his followers, given his generosity and adventurous lifestyle. Since beginning his own fitness regimen, he has lost over 60 pounds, which he is proud to share with his viewers in the video titled “How I Deal with Hatred.” Additionally, Graser has published the book Mysterious Castle: An Unofficial Adventure. The book is about a robot’s perilous adventures in the Minecraft universe.

Behind The Screen

In addition to beginning his day by broadcasting on YouTube and Twitch, Graser enjoys playing with heights. He frequently claims to suffer from acrophobia, the dread of heights. As a means of evasion or to simply experience the thrill of flying 1,000 feet above the earth, he plans daring activities such as flying an open helicopter over the New York cityscape. During his journey to Los Angeles, he fooled his father into believing that he had fallen from an airplane and been hospitalized.

Estimated Net Worth

Graser is one of Canada’s wealthiest YouTube stars. According to our analysis, Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider, Graser has a $5 million net worth.