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Griffin Arnlund is a well-known American model and social media personality who first gained notoriety for her affiliation with the joint YouTube channel “The Rad and Reckless” and for her self-titled YouTube channel, “GriffinArnlund.” This lovely and endearing damsel entered the realm of social media in her teens when she created an Instagram account. She has long had the desire of becoming a cinema diva. She started her first YouTube channel when she was just 15 years old, and over time she established a following base of over 700K on social media sites including Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat. She has a vast global audience for the fashion and beauty tutorial videos she posts. She also collaborates with a large number of other YouTubers. The followers and watchers of this burgeoning YouTuber eagerly anticipate the advice and tricks she imparts to them, as well as the titbits of her life. But what really sets her apart is how resolutely she approaches anti-bullying campaigns and uses the platform to combat a number of social ills, such as sexism and domestic abuse.

The Epic Ascent to Stardom

Arnlund, who was just another neighborhood youngster a few years ago, had aspirations of working in the entertainment sector as an actress. With more than 455K followers, Instagram has become her most popular social media network to date since she joined. Arnlund, like many other kids, began using YouTube at the age of 15 as social media has gained importance in today’s society and the younger generation, particularly teens, are becoming increasingly drawn to the various platforms it offers. Despite having started her channel on August 15, 2013, she didn’t submit her first video until January 4, 2014. She began posting lifestyle videos, and over time, as her love for fashion and beauty grew, she began to share her insider knowledge on these topics with her followers. She has attended BeautyCon and is connected to e.l.f. cosmetics. She also uploads videos in which she provides commentary on her current situation, current events, and various facets of her life. She quickly climbed the popularity ladder compared to other teenagers and gathered a sizable following. She claims that social media has unintentionally helped her prepare for her role in a number of ways that probably wouldn’t have been possible with traditional acting classes.

She worked to use the platform for some substantial and sensitive social causes like domestic violence, bullying, and sexism that are very much in the league but frequently slip our minds in the midst of all the fun, glitz, and glamour. She earned a name and a position in social media as a YouTube personality. She was forced to drop out of school and finish her education online by the cruel lessons that life taught her while she was in the tenth grade, including a horrifying bullying experience. Her recuperation signaled the beginning of a later stage that involved advocating for oneself and facing challenges head-on. She was motivated to share this experience with many others as a result of the entire incident. She made a commitment to stand up and lead anti-bullying programs so that others may get ready to deal with such peculiarities. In this way, she has impacted the lives of many individuals, particularly children, and has developed into an inspirational role model who has a positive impact on her viewers. She thinks that if someone has a sizable following, they may use their position to positively impact others and encourage them through their posts and comments.

Behind The Scenes

She was born in Montana, a western US state, on October 24, 1997. During her sixth grade year, she moved to Scottsdale, Arizona. Later, when she was 17 years old, she moved to Los Angeles, California, in order to advance her profession. She is presently seeing YouTuber Mikey Murphy. In December 2015, she and he appeared in a YouTube boyfriend tag. She frequently posts photos of herself and Mikey on Instagram.

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The estimated net worth of Griffin Arnlund is about $1 million.


She was inspired by American actress and musician Selena Gomez and shared a photo of the two on Instagram in November 2014.