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Sage Tullis, also known online as GtfoSage, is a popular American YouTuber. When her YouTube video titled “Tumblr Inspired Tutorial” received one million views, she rose to fame. There have been over 2.4 million views of the video. Since it launched on October 21st, 2014, GtfoSage’s YouTube channel “okaysage” has amassed more than 40 million views. ‘okaysage’ is one of the fastest growing YouTube channels in America, with more than 900,000 subscribers. On a number of other social media sites, including Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr, GtfoSage is also well-known. Her Twitter and Instagram profiles have amassed more than 20,000 and 550,000 followers, respectively, thanks to her lovely writing and images. Her Tumblr profile is the place for her followers to go if they feel like they haven’t seen enough of her because the microblogging site is filled with her emotive photos.

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Childhood and Career

Sage Tullis, better known as GtfoSage, was born in San Luis Obispo, California, on April 11, 2001. She showed an early interest in gadgets and gizmos, which eventually introduced her to the realm of social media.

When she was barely 13 years old, she started using social media. She first started a YouTube channel before signing up for Instagram and Twitter. A young and naive GtfoSage had to deal with cyberbullies who were trying to take advantage of her shortly after joining social media. They began tormenting her online, with some even urging her to commit suicide!

Many of these bullies were overcome by GtfoSage, who went on to win admirers and supporters. Her maturity and her conduct on social media were commended by the public. They also thought her videos to be entertaining, which led to her gaining YouTube channel subscribers.

After two years on YouTube, GtfoSage became well-known as a social media celebrity when her video titled “Tumblr Inspired Tutorial” received one million views. Even when other YouTube stars started imitating her actions, GtfoSage started to dominate the spotlight.

She subsequently started publishing a number of cosmetic lessons, which were well-liked by the audience. Everyday Makeup Tutorial, Everyday Makeup Routine, and Natural Makeup Routine are just a few of her videos that have amassed millions of viewers.

Due to the high number of views, GtfoSage began to post more videos about makeup. When her YouTube channel surpassed the 500,000 subscriber threshold, she became a star. She later started posting vlogs and story time videos, which greatly boosted her fame and led to her working with other YouTube stars.

Additionally, as her Instagram account gathered a large number of followers, her popularity on Instagram was moving in the correct way. With more than 550,000 followers as of right now, her account is bursting at the seams with her incredible pictures and videos. The majority of her photographs are self-portraits, although a handful also include Celine, her pet dog.

GtfoSage quickly rose to fame on the microblogging site Tumblr, which allows users to submit photos that are meant to be indicative of who they are. She didn’t just publish mouthwatering photos on Tumblr; she also used the knowledge she gathered there to make engaging videos on YouTube. In actuality, it took her video called “Tumblr Inspired Tutorial” a million views on YouTube before she started to gain popularity.

She is linked to the well-known cosmetics and beauty company “Sephora Collection.” On her social media channels, she has highlighted a variety of “Sephora Collection” products. Additionally, she posed for a photo shoot where she modeled for the company.

Individual Life of GtfoSage

GtfoSage declared that she was single on her Twitter page on February 18, 2017. She added that she enjoys spending time with her buddies. She is close friends with Catherine Davidson, another online personality. In a handful of her YouTube videos, like “Testing the World’s Most Painful Mask,” Catherine has made an appearance.

The well-known English-Irish boy band “One Direction” is a favorite of GtfoSage. She frequently discusses the band on her Twitter and Instagram profiles. Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson, the band’s lead singers, come up frequently in her remarks. Her posts very much make it clear that she is a great Harry Styles fan.

She revealed her romance with renowned American singer Jacob Sartorius on her Twitter page on June 26, 2016. She tweeted again shortly after to clarify that she was joking.

GtfoSage Net Worth

One of the wealthiest and most well-known YouTube stars is GtfoSage. Our research of Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider revealed that GtfoSage has a net worth of $5 million.