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‘Radiant Office,’ ‘Drinking Solo,’ and ‘Shark’ have all included Ha Seok-jin as an actor and model. Beginning as a model, he made his acting debut in 2005’s TV drama ‘Sad Love Story’. The following year, he made his big screen debut in ‘See You After School’. Early in his career, he generally performed lesser roles, but he soon got bigger roles. His award-winning performance in the series ‘I Am Happy’ drew him into the spotlight. His role in the sitcom ‘Standby’ helped him get better roles. Despite obtaining prominent roles in recent years, he is not as successful as his peers. Despite this, his nominations for Best Performer for his roles in ‘Legendary Witches’ and ‘Drinking Solo’ have made him a bankable actor. Aside from films and TV shows, Ha has been in music videos for South Korean singers.

Early Childhood of Ha Seok-jin

Ha Seok-jin was born in Seoul, South Korea on February 10, 1982. His family had no link to the entertainment sector, thus he had no expectations. But he kept his early dreams hidden.

He was a good student in high school. Aside from his education, he was known for his enthusiasm for acting, which he showed in his stage performances.

After high school, he had a strong desire to be an actor, but family pressure forced him into a mechanical engineering program at Hanyang University.

In spite of his good looks and camera-friendly temperament, Ha has modeled for certain firms. His 2005 modelling job with Korean Air was one of his first opportunities in showbiz.

In the same year, he cooperated with SG Wannabe, appearing in his music videos for ‘As We Live’ and ‘Sin and Punishment’. As a result of this, he began auditioning for roles. His acting career took off after he was offered minor roles in little films.

A Career of Ha Seok-jin

Ha began his acting career in the 2005 romance drama ‘Sad Love Story’, which was a middling hit in South Korea but a huge smash in Japan.
Ha also starred in ‘Princess Lulu’ that year. Despite its flaws, the drama allowed Ha a chance to show off his acting skills in a larger part.
These early parts introduced him to small-time filmmakers, and in 2006, Ha landed a prominent role in ‘See You After School,’ a comedy melodrama film about normal South Korean high school adolescents.

Then came a low-budget comedy film named ‘Who Slept with Her’ and minor appearances in TV dramas like ‘Dr. Kkang’ and ‘Korea Secret Agency’.
Ha eventually got some big roles, and 2007 was a good year for his acting career. He began the year with a prominent role in the love serial ‘Hello! Miss’, which was popular in Thailand and the Philippines. A brief drama series called ‘Drama City’ followed its success.

In 2008, he received the chance to portray a major character in the series ‘I am Happy’, which he considered as the moment he was waiting for. Ha played Kang-seok and wowed everyone with his maturity and flair in a tough role. Critics praised his portrayal, leading him his first acting prize. He won the SBS Drama Award for Best New Actor. He was also nominated for a Baeksang Arts Award.

This success led to larger parts, and he closed the year as the star in the romantic drama ‘Summer Whispers’. The film received unanimous praise for its innovative storyline, and Ha gained enormous fame.
He closed 2009 with ‘What’s for Dinner’ and began 2010 with ‘The Great Merchant’. These roles helped Ha establish himself as a credible television performer.
In the romantic family drama ‘If Tomorrow Comes,’ Ha plays an average salaryman who falls in love with a woman over his family’s opposition. Ha followed up the drama with the heavy-hearted sitcom ‘Standby’. Although his admirers weren’t expecting him to be funny, Ha once again wowed them with his performance as a media professional for a broadcasting firm.

Ha starred in the 2012 family drama ‘Childless Comfort,’ which became one of the year’s biggest hits. Despite being praised for his work, Ha didn’t get enough attention at award shows, which are more or less a testament to one’s acting skills.

He starred in the revenge drama ‘Don’t Look Back’ and was nominated for an SBS Drama Award for ‘Thrice Married Woman’ in 2014. Ha lost out on the Excellence Award despite being nominated.

In the same year, Ha was nominated for another award, this time for his part as a cook in the drama series ‘Legendary Witches’. The drama was a huge smash, earning Ha nominations for MBC Drama Awards and APAN Star Awards (2015).

Ha then joined the cast of ‘Hot Brain: Problematic Men’, beginning a long affiliation with the series.
Ha continued his TV career in programs including ‘Drinking Solo’ and ‘Radiant Office’, both as a lead actor.

Personality of Ha Seok-jin

Ha Seok-jin claims that knowledge and sharpness count more than physical attractiveness in a potential mate. He also says he is single right now, but there have been rumors about him being close to actor Yoon Joo-hee, but nothing has been confirmed.

Ha prefers to keep his life private and avoids social media.
Ha is shy around women, which is one of the reasons he hasn’t met his perfect woman.

Estimated Net Worth

Ha is one of the wealthiest and most popular actors. Ha Seok-jin net worth is estimated at $1.5 Million by Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider.