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Han Chae-ah is a South Korean actress who is best known for her roles in the television series ‘Hero’ and ‘Bridal Mask’. After making her acting debut in ‘Kokkiri,’ she went on to play supporting roles in the series ‘Style’ and ‘Definitely Neighbours,’ which aided her in securing some major projects in the following years. She made her breakthrough in 2012 after starring in back-to-back successful dramas ‘Hero’ and ‘Bridal Mask’, and followed that up with key roles in the series ‘You Are the Only One’ and ‘Introverted Boss’. She made her film debut in 2012 with the comedy ‘The King of XXX-kissing’ and has since appeared in films such as ‘Big Deal’ and ‘Part Time Spy’. Apart from film and television roles, she has also appeared on variety shows. She has appeared on numerous shows, including ‘Knowing Bros’ and ‘The Human Condition.

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Childhood & Adolescence

Han Chae-ah was born into a middle-class family in Busan, South Korea on March 24, 1982. Always aspiring to be an actor, she began participating in high school plays, where she was praised for her natural acting abilities and proclivity for self-improvement.

She pursued her acting dream throughout her school years, including middle and high school, and after graduating from high school, she began focusing more on her acting career.

She enrolled in Hanyang Women’s University for her postgraduate studies and accepted an offer to appear in a music video for up-and-coming artist Son Ho-‘Love young’s Brings Separation’.

Facing the camera for the first time heightened her excitement for a career in acting, and once she graduated from college, she traveled to Seoul to begin auditioning; fortunately, she did not have to work very hard to establish a career in the industry.

Career of Han

Her first encounter with a camera was for a music video. Encouraged by this, she began auditioning for small screen roles. She began her career in variety television and was quickly hired as the host of the show ‘Fantasy Couple:

Classroom of Love’ in 2007. This provided her with much-needed exposure, and she was now considering a career in fiction television.

After several auditions, she landed a small role in the 2008 series ‘Kokkiri,’ which was followed by ‘Style’ in 2009. She appeared in both films in minor roles.

Her performance as Yoon Ha-young in the 2010 romantic drama ‘Neighbour Enemies’ proved to be a minor breakthrough for her career. She also won the SBS Drama Awards’ New Star Award for her performance, which helped her land additional opportunities.

While 2011 was a year of moderate success, 2012 proved to be a game changer for her career. Not only did she make her feature film debut in 2012 with ‘The King of XXX-Kissing,’ she also appeared in three successful dramas.

Her first appearance was in ‘Hero,’ followed by ‘Bridal Mask.’ In the latter, she portrayed a Korean woman who despises the Japanese but was adopted as a child by a kind Japanese couple. She then followed this intense dramatic role with a lighter one as Victoria Kim in ‘Ohlala Couple.’ She was nominated for her performance in ‘Bridal Mask’ at the SBS Drama Awards.

In 2013, she starred in the romantic comedy ‘All About My Romance’ and then starred in ‘Marry Me If You Dare’ as a news reporter.

She was finally able to shake off her image as a supporting actress and begin appearing in leading roles. She began 2014 as Song Do-won in ‘You Are the Only One’ and later joined the cast of the reality variety show ‘The Human Condition’.

In 2015, she appeared in the films ‘Made in China’ and ‘Big Deal,’ in which she played significant roles. In 2015, she appeared as a guest on the third season of the popular variety show ‘Happy Together,’ and in 2016, she joined another reality show, ‘I Live Alone,’ as a temporary cast member.

Her 2015 series ‘The Merchant: Gaek-joo 2015’ was a success, and her performance as Jo So-sa earned her several nominations and the Best Couple Award at the APAN Star Awards, which she shared with her co-star.

After taking a break from television in 2016, she returned in 2017 with a guest appearance on the romantic comedy series ‘Introverted Boss’. She appeared in the action comedy film ‘Part Time Spy’ the following year.

Private Life of Han

For a long time, Han kept her personal life hidden from fans and the media, but she publicly acknowledged her relationship with Cha Se-ji in 2017.

Estimated Net Worth

The net worth of Han is $20million.