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Updated On February 15, 2022

Han Hyo-joo is a South Korean actress who rose to international prominence following her appearance in the South Korean drama ‘Like Land and Sky’. She was born and raised in North Chungcheong, South Korea, and was an avid sports fan in school. She later relocated to Seoul for further studies, and it was there that she became interested in show business. Her parents, on the other hand, were not particularly supportive of her decision to relocate alone to a large city like Seoul and strongly advised her to pursue a more secure career path. She broke into the film industry and quickly rose to prominence as one of South Korea’s most popular television and film actresses. She began her career in small roles on the sitcom ‘Nonstop 5’ and in the gangster comedy film ‘My Boss, My Teacher. After initially having difficulty securing good roles, she gained prominence with her role in the television series ‘Like Land and Sky’. She then starred in critically and commercially successful films such as ‘Always’ and ‘Masquerade’. She has won numerous awards for her performance in the series ‘Brilliant Legacy,’ including the SBS Drama Awards and the ‘Outstanding Korean Actress’ award at the Seoul International Drama Awards.

Childhood & Adolescence

Han Hyo-joo was born on 22nd February 1987 in North Chungcheong, South Korea into a very conservative middle-class family. Her father was an air force officer, and as such, was always extremely strict about family discipline. Her mother began her career as a teacher but later became a school inspector. Han was raised in a highly conservative family and thus had much less freedom than boys, which resulted in him becoming somewhat of an introverted child. She exhibited an early interest in art, and throughout her school years, she was a frequent participant in sports, particularly track & field.

Although she was bright academically, she felt that the local schools did not do her abilities justice, and so she proposed to her parents that she move to Seoul for high school studies. Her father was hesitant, but Han, a strong-willed adolescent, went to study in Seoul at Bulgok high school regardless. The atmosphere at her school was quite artistic, which is how she developed an interest in the film industry and began participating in theatre productions. After graduating from high school, she enrolled in Dongguk University to study theatre and film.

Despite her obvious talent, she struggled to break into the industry, and coming from a family with no ties to the entertainment industry, she was discouraged. However, she waited for the right opportunity, and her victory in a beauty pageant organized by Binggrae in 2003 proved to be a launching pad for her career. After several more years of auditioning for various roles in film and television, she landed her first break in 2005.

Career of Han

Han began his career in 2005 with a guest appearance on the sitcom ‘Nonstop 5’ and continued with a role in 2006’s ‘Spring Waltz’. The filmmakers saw her full acting potential in the gangster comedy film ‘My Boss, My Teacher,’ and she gradually cemented her foothold. She quickly gained popularity on the indie circuit and was signed in 2006 by Lee Yoon-ki, a small-time independent filmmaker who cast her in his film ‘Ad-lib Night’. The film became a festival favorite and earned the director and Han several accolades. She was named Best New Actor at the Korean

Association of Film Critics Awards that year, and her success landed her roles in two major television series the following year. This exposure elevated her to a level of popularity among South Korean audiences. Both ‘Ilijimae’ and ‘Like Land and Sky’ were commercial successes and garnered high ratings from Korean viewers, resulting in Han’s increased popularity. She then starred in another independent film, ‘Ride Away,’ where she earned the respect of serious moviegoers for her performance. In 2010, she starred in a television series that cemented her status as one of the best mainstream actresses of the era.

‘Brilliant Legacy’ was a huge success, and Han starred in the series, which resulted in increased endorsement deals and media attention for Han, as well as increased her popularity in neighboring countries where South Korean dramas already had a strong following. She also won several major drama awards at that year’s South Korean award ceremonies. In 2011, she starred in the emotional drama film ‘Always’ as a blind telemarketer. She displayed her acting abilities with panache in the film, which went on to open that year’s Busan International Film Festival. Her next film, ‘Masquerade,’ was a period action drama in which she portrayed a queen.

The film went on to become South Korea’s highest-grossing film at the time, and heralded Han’s arrival in a big way. Her acting abilities were highlighted further with the action thriller film ‘Cold Eyes’. The film received positive reviews from critics and gradually became one of the year’s highest-grossing films, demonstrating Han’s undeniable dominance at the local box office. She also won Best Actress awards for her performance at the Blue Dragon Film Awards and the Buil Film Awards.

By this time, her international fan base had grown, and in 2014, she starred in the Japanese film ‘Miracle,’ which followed a bookstore employee and three women with whom he fell in love. The film was a critical and commercial success. In 2015, she starred in ‘The Beauty Inside,’ a period film set during World War II, and by the start of the following year, she was set to make her television debut. In 2016, she made her television debut in ‘W,’ a suspense thriller series set in a fantasy world. Han returned to television after a five-year absence, and she once again demonstrated why she was one of the best Korean actresses.

Her performance in the series garnered widespread praise, and she went on to win Top Excellence awards at both the APAN Star Awards and the MBC Drama Awards.’Golden Slumber,’ a Korean thriller, and ‘In-Rang,’ a Japanese science fiction thriller, are among her upcoming projects. Han has been an extremely busy celebrity, appearing in commercials, variety shows, music videos, and as a singer in addition to her acting roles. Additionally, she serves as goodwill and public relations ambassador for several organizations.

Private Life of Han

Han Hyo-joo spends her free time listening to music and watching movies, as well as playing the piano and writing poetry and short stories as a hobby. She prefers to keep her private life private. Previously, she was linked to actor Lee Jong-suk.

Estimated Net Worth

Han Hyo Joo’s net worth is also expected to have increased as a result of her international success. Han Hyo Joo’s net worth is estimated to be$2 million by Taddlr. Given her upcoming projects from 2021 to 2022, the “Dong Yi” star’s talent fee is most likely to increase.