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Hannah Bronfman is an American DJ, model, fitness fanatic, and businesswoman who founded the website ‘HBFIT,’ which focuses on health, beauty, and fitness. Hannah is the daughter of billionaire business magnate Edgar Bronfman, Jr. She is also a co-founder of the now-defunct smartphone app called “Beautified,” which initially helped people in New York City discover last-minute beauty services before being expanded to Los Angeles and San Francisco. She was highlighted in the 2013 fashion documentary “This is My Reality.” The following year, she walked as a featured model at “DKNY’s Fall 2014 Fashion Show,” marking her first time on the runway. She has experience as an American Express People Curator and a model for Adidas. She was given the “Youth Empowerment Award” in July 2017 at the Gustavino’s in New York City during Urban Tech’s 22nd Annual Gala. She was on the cover of the “Brides” magazine’s August-September 2017 issue after getting married to Brendan Fallis. In late 2017, Bronfman, a fitness enthusiast who doesn’t give up booze, worked with Don Julio to create recipes for low-calorie, low-sugar cocktails.

Become a Star

Hannah Bronfman began working at Michael Kors, a retailer of apparel, handbags, and accessories, as an intern when she was 15 years old. She claims that she became addicted to music and beauty products at a very young age and made the decision to center her career around those interests. She worked as a model and a disc jockey in her early career. She later co-founded the mobile app “Beautified” in 2013 with Annie Evans and Peter Hananel to offer a fresh method for scheduling last-minute wellness and beauty appointments in New York City.

They expanded service to Los Angeles and San Francisco in August 2014 after raising $1.2 million in venture money. The software underwent numerous changes, and in response to user demand, a fitness feature was included. However, she and her friend Evans sued Hananel in late 2014 for excluding them from the management of the app, denying them access to the computer system and bank account, exercising poor judgment, abusing staff, and failing to succeed as a fundraiser. Later, she started her own blog at HBFIT, where she frequently works with experts in the area to write on fitness, beauty, and health.

Individual Life of Hannah Bronfman

Hannah Bronfman was born to Sherry Brewer and Edgar Bronfman Jr. on October 26, 1987, in Manhattan, New York City. Her mother is an actress, while her father, a Jew, was the former CEO of Warner Music Group. She has two sisters, Vanessa and Bettina, as well as a brother named Benjamin. Her brother is a musician, businessman, and former collaborator of Kanye West. She is related to the Lehman family through Ann Loeb Bronfman, her paternal grandmother. She attended Bard College, where she earned a sculptural degree in 2010.

Connection to Brendan Fallis

In 2011, Hannah Bronfman met Canadian-born Brendan Fallis, a New York City DJ and manager of Theophilus London, at a pop-up club in Miami called Le Baron during Art Basel. Hannah was persuaded by her pals to take a girls’ trip to Miami even though she had broken up with her ex-boyfriend two weeks before. They met through a mutual friend and chatted for hours while intoxicated, largely discussing his father’s disease. It was already 4:30 in the morning when they recognized the awkward conversation they were having as complete strangers and Hannah realized she had misplaced her phone. While looking for her phone, Brendan discovered that his iPhone was missing.

Even though they parted ways that evening in disappointment, they later reconnected at the SoHo House the next day. This time, they had a wonderful night together and he then went with her to the elegant hotel she was staying at, the Fontainebleau. They decided to watch the sunrise at the beach, where they passed out, after spending some time sitting on the hotel steps. Additionally, upon waking up, they both expressed anger at the fitness freaks swarming the beach, refusing to share their love for health and wellness. She decided to spend an extra day and spent it with Brendan and his friend. To avoid being tracked, she went three months without getting a new phone. Nevertheless, she routinely met with him and made plans via email. After returning to New York, they gradually learned about their love for exercise. In November 2014, the two bought an apartment together, and on August 17 of the following year, they became engaged. On May 20, 2017, they ultimately were married in Marrakesh, Morocco, after a four-day wedding weekend in which she donned seven different outfits. Several well-known bloggers attended the wedding.

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