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Hardstop Lucas is a comedian and “Viner” from the United States. He is also well-known as an “Instagrammer” and a musician. Before the application was discontinued, Hardstop had posted several comedy segments on ‘Vine,’ for which he gained millions of followers on the platform. His hilarious content and extraordinary acting abilities were instrumental in gaining him enormous social media fame. Typically, Hardstop portrays multiple personas in his comedy videos. He currently uploads his comedic videos to his YouTube channel. However, the channel does not have a large number of subscribers. Hardstop possesses a line of limited-edition footwear that is available for online purchase.

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Social-Media Fame

Hardstop’s musical career began as a composer. When he was young, he frequently composed tunes, but he never considered music as a viable career option. Following high school graduation, Hardstop began to take music seriously. This signified the beginning of his social-media career, as his hobby evolved into his passion. Due to his interest in comedy, he began creating comedy sketches for ‘Vine’.

His comedic videos were immediate successes. Soon thereafter, he began working with other “Viners.” The collaboration between Hardstop and Dope Island on “Tommy Goes on a Field Trip” was one of their most popular. Equally popular were his Thanksgiving Day parody and his imitation of the television series ‘Ghost Hunters. Additionally, he has ridiculed live sitcom audiences in one of his Vine videos.

Then, Hardstop began focusing on his YouTube channel. On the platform, he’s known as “LOUDMOUTH.” Several videos on the channel feature him. Hardtop has very little time to upload his recordings because playing multiple characters in a single video is time-consuming. Therefore, he does not frequently publish videos on the platform.

Despite this, a few of his YouTube videos have garnered more than one million views. ‘We Don’t Close Doors In This House,’ ‘We Don’t Close Doors In This House 2,’ and ‘Slow Reader’ are among his most notable videos. The first video has received over 2,9 million views, the most on the channel.

However, the channel currently has slightly more than 344 thousand subscribers. Hardstop, a composer, uploads original rap music to his SoundCloud account. In addition, he uploads his preferred songs to the platform. Hardstop is also quite popular on Instagram, where his comedy videos have earned him more than 430 thousand followers.

Hardstop owns a footwear brand called ‘LOUDMOUTH.’ This customized footwear line is sold on ‘aliveshoes.com’ The most intriguing aspect of this footwear line is that each shoe features Hardstop’s image.

Hardstop’s Personal Life

Hardstop Terrell Dugue was born on October 30, 1996, in Silver Spring, Maryland. He was raised in Rockville. There are two junior sisters to Hardstop. In Washington, DC, he attended McKinley Technology High School.

Estimated Net Worth

Hardstop is one of the wealthiest Instagram stars and one of the most renowned. According to our analysis, Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider, the net worth of Hardstop Lucas is $5 million.