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English child actor Harry Oliver McDermott gained notoriety for playing Max Turner in the well-known British soap drama “Coronation Street.” When he was initially cast in the program, he was only four years old. It would not be incorrect to state that he was born to be a star for a young child who has already attained international fame before entering his teenage years. Harry is unquestionably an entertainment business role model for young children. He has managed his schoolwork and job concurrently since he was very young, in contrast to many adult celebrities who find it difficult to strike a balance between the two. Harry has been a regular on the program for the past seven years and has gotten to know the other actors well, especially the actress who plays his mother, Paula Lane.

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Harry McDermott’s Career

At a young age when most children were playing with peers, Harry Oliver McDermott started working in the entertainment industry. He made his acting debut at the young age of four when he was cast as Max Turner in the well-known ITV serial opera “Coronation Street.”

On August 29, 2010, his first “Coronation Street” show aired, and he quickly gained attention. Since that time, he has made consistent appearances in the soap drama for more than seven years. Paula Lane portrays Kylie Turner Platt, his adolescent mother, in “Coronation Street.”

Since 1960, “Coronation Street” has been a popular soap drama. It is regarded as Britain’s longest-running television program. It was the 7413th episode of the program when Harry made his first appearance as Max Turner. In his debut episode, it was revealed that Kylie pays Max a birthday call at his foster parent’s house and then leaves with him. Prior to Kylie becoming pregnant with Max, it was demonstrated that his father left her. Social services removed Max from her after his birth and put him in foster care.

The Max figure experienced many ups and downs in the years that followed. Harry did a fantastic job portraying his part and won the hearts of viewers all over the globe. With Max’s ADHD diagnosis over time, acting the part became more and more difficult.

Harry’s development as an actor paralleled that of the character he portrayed. Harry has been a part of the soap drama for eight years as of 2018 and is still going strong. Now we must wait and see how his personality changes throughout the year.

Harry’s Individual Existence

On November 16, 2005, Harry Oliver McDermott was born in Bury, Lancashire, UK. Since he first began acting at the age of four, he has managed to combine his academic work and acting. The young child currently resides with his family. His parents have given his acting profession their full support.

Estimated Net Worth

Harry is one of the wealthiest and most well-known actors in soap operas. According to our analysis of data from sources like Business Insider, Forbes, and Wikipedia, Harry McDermott is valued at $5 million.