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Hazel Hayes is an Irish actress, director, and YouTube video blogger. She is best known for her series ‘PrankMe’ and ‘Unnecessary Otter’ in addition to her short film ‘Super Brainy Zombies’. Friends in the YouTube community encouraged her to create her own channel. Her eponymous YouTube channel has over 259k subscribers and over 24 million views at present. Hayes is a woman with extraordinary skill in vlogging and cinematography. She has earned recognition as one of the best female YouTube directors and/or scribes. She has conducted interviews with numerous notable personalities, including Amy Schumer, Jada Pinkett Smith, Channing Tatum, and Matt Bomer, to date. Hayes, who was born in Dublin and raised with three siblings, relocated to London in 2012. Since then, she has worked as a social media influencer from that location. In terms of her disposition, she is an earthy woman. The Irish YouTuber has a distinctive interviewing and presentation manner. She possesses both elegance and a bizarre sense of humor.

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Achieve Stardom Of Hazel

Hazel Hayes originally established her channel under the moniker “ChewingSand” The title of her first video was “Hazel Loses Her Vlogging Virginity.” The following video was titled ‘Hazel Breaks Down (and Ciaran)’ and featured the YouTuber and her video editor companion Ciaran. After this, she uploaded a number of entertaining vlogs. She experienced great success after creating and releasing the short film Super Brainy Zombies. Within a week, this film amassed hundreds of thousands of views, making it an instant success.

The Irish beauty continued to upload engaging vlogs, short films, and other content to her channel. Her ‘Unnecessary Otter’ series was also well-received by her audience. In addition to these, Hayes’s channel features the ‘Tipsy Talk’ series, in which she has conducted interviews with Amy Schumer, Jada Pinkett Smith, Channing Tatum, and Matt Bomer, among others. The remainder of Hayes’ channel’s content is also worth viewing! Regarding the channel’s prominence, Hazel Hayes has over 259k subscribers as of October 2018.

Personal Facts About Hazel

Hazel Hayes was born in Ireland on January 21, 1985. She has a senior sister and two senior siblings. Helen has been featured in a number of her YouTube videos. Hayes was predominantly raised by her mother after her parents divorced when she was a young child.The¬†Irish YouTuber holds an undergraduate journalism degree. She is close with a number of prominent YouTubers, including Tomska, Louise Pentland, and Charlie McDonnell. Regarding Hayes’ love and dating life, no information is available.

Estimated Net Worth

Hazel is one of Ireland’s wealthiest YouTube stars. According to our research, Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider, Hazel Hayes has a $5 million net worth.