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Liam is an American YouTuber and video game pundit who is widely recognized by his aliases HBomb and HBomb94, which is also the name of his YouTube channel. In addition to giving his voice to the Minecraft game series, he is also keen about developing games for the franchise. HBomb is also responsible for designing the appearance of the major characters in cube games. He is one of the most popular members of the video game commentator and designer groups Cube SMP and Cube UHC. Survival Games, Saturday Vlogs, and Lucky Block Wars are his most recent series. In addition, he is a co-owner of the Minecraft and minigames server Kastia. Kastia is one of the priciest Minecraft servers ever. HBomb has recently begun posting challenge films such as “Ice Bucket Challenge,” “Beard Waxing,” and “Girlfriend’s Makeup” These videos have contributed to his increased fame.

Relationship with Minecraft

On his YouTube channel, which was formerly named xSMDxHBOMB94, HBomb began by posting about one of the most popular video game franchises, Call of Duty. Then, he began to concentrate on Minecraft videos, a gaming server created by Swedish video game designer Markus ‘Notch’ Persson.

The first Minecraft video produced by HBomb was released on October 19, 2012. After teaming up with Minecraft, HBomb launched several game series, such as “Minecraft UHC,” “Minecraft Hunger Games,” and “Minecraft Factions.” Together with one of his YouTuber buddies, Ryan McNulty, he is known for creating training videos for game developers entitled Pixelmon.

In addition to becoming a game commentator, HBomb has also developed games. For over eight seasons, he was involved with Cube SMP under Minecraft Games. The season of the game began with HBomb establishing his business on a village farm. Later, he sold his village farm through HBomb’s Valuables, his first internet store. The shop’s name has been changed to Evil Villain’s Valuables.

He then continued to play to acquire additional establishments, including Beats By H, Nether Starbucks, and Fashion Outlet. In addition to the village farm, he also owns HBomb’s Getaway, a resort for all Cube game members and players. Members can stay at the resort and purchase Cube memorabilia. Currently, he is pursuing the acquisition of an amusement park.

HBomb established his first shop of the subsequent Cube SMP season. This store was an expansion of EV’s Valuables. He then acquired a sushi restaurant, a fish market, and a golf club with fellow gamer Graser10.

Later, HBomb joined two other servers, Chamber of Iris and Harmony Hollow, the latter of which is an SMP server owned by YouTuber BBPaws. Three of the 19 seasons of Minecraft Cube Ultra Hardcore games have been won by HBomb.

HBomb’s Kastia

HBomb co-owns the gaming server Kastia with Bayani, Graser, and Kevin. The server was used to host numerous games, including “Factions,” “Survival Games,” and “Lucky Block Wars.” The server currently hosts just survival games and factions.

YouTube Videos

On August 23, 2014, HBomb uploaded to his YouTube channel one of the most popular challenges at the time, ‘The Ice Bucket Challenge’ Since it was his first public appearance, none of his members or supporters had previously seen him. Subsequently, he began uploading his own challenge films to his channel.

He frequently uploaded films showing his ex-girlfriend Corrine. His videos include, among others, “Girlfriend’s Makeup Challenge,” “Beard Waxing Challenge,” and “Bean Boozled Challenge.” In April of 2017, he debuted his pet on YouTube to his fans.

His Personal Life

Liam was born in Chicago on January 4, 1994. He currently resides in Arizona and adores animals. MacKenzie, which he commonly refers to as Kenze, and Pippen are his two dogs. Moreover, he owns a cat named Key Cat. Upon moving to Arizona, he adopted a dog whom he called Link.

Graser, an additional gamer, assigned him his pseudonyms. When they first met, he referred to Liam as “Bomb.” When Liam later joined YouTube, he registered under the same identity. His basketball buddies also refer to him as “H” because his surname begins with the letter H.

HBomb dated a woman named Corrine. Because she was initially hesitant to divulge her name and identify to the public, HBomb referred to her as “Babe” in all of his videos. Her fans eventually rechristened her babebomb94. Liam and Corrine ended their relationship in July of 2016.

Estimated Net Worth

HBomb94 is one of the wealthiest and most prominent YouTube celebrities. According to our research, Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider, HBomb94 has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million.


Chipotle, a fiery red pepper used in Mexican cuisine, is a favorite of HBomb. His ship name with his ex-girlfriend was BabeBomb94. HBomb is a talented golfer who received a golf scholarship.