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St. Louis, Missouri
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St. Louis, Missouri

American battle rapper Hitman Holla is renowned for his unrivaled puns and tough attitude. He was a talented college basketball player who became involved in the streets before deciding to pursue rapping as a career. When he defeated “Bill Collector” in a video that went viral on “WorldStarHipHop,” he initially came to people’s attention. He has engaged in combat with opponents such as Math Hoffa, Conceited, and T-Rex and is a part of communities like “Fight Klub,” “Battle America,” and “SMACK/ Uri.” He’s competed in multiple victorious ‘Ultimate Rap League’ matches. He has put out a mixtape called “Ball Game” and an album called “Diddy Dum Dum.” Ball Game is the name of the apparel line he has launched. He has also contributed to the funding of breast cancer research.

Early Childhood & Life

In a middle-class African-American household, Hitman Holla was born Gerald Fulton, Jr. on March 29, 1988, in St. Louis, Missouri. He has a younger brother named Showout who is also active in battle rap and has become a social media star. His father, who goes by the moniker “Big Gerald,” has backed his sons’ career in combat rapping by attending their performances and sometimes taking part and thrashing opponents. Showout currently supports Hitman Holla in his battle rap career by engaging with and winning over fans.

Hitman was a talented basketball player for his college. He attended California State Northridge on a scholarship while in high school. Later, he changed schools to the University of Missouri in St. Louis, and before finishing college, he started battle raping. He had two murder charges against him and participated in gang fights with rival Crips before he started battle rapping.

His passion for athletics never wavered, but he stopped up gangbanging to focus on combat rap, which over time grew to become his life’s work. In his early years, he was influenced by rappers like X-Factor and Mook, adopting their violent approach and jaw-dropping lyrics.

The Career of Hitman Holla

When he was still a college student, he engaged in his first significant fight in the “Fight Klub” league versus “Remy D.” After defeating Bill Collector, he made a number of more performances and rose to fame; this performance went viral on WorldStarHipHop.

He competed in the ‘SMACK/URL’ and ‘Battle America’ leagues in 2010 and 2011, where he faced Hollow Da Don, Arsonal, and Goodz, who defeated him. The ‘SMACK/URL’ league, in 2012, saw him defeat Aye Verb and John John Da Don as he gained confidence and experience.

In 2013, he faced up against Math Hoffa, Conceited, and T-Rex and triumphed handily. That year, he nearly lost his place in the Ultimate Rap League (URL) after threatening to assault a member of the staff by the name of Norbes. Nevertheless, the issue was remedied, and in October 2015, he appeared in five of the ten battles that received the most views on the URL YouTube channel.

He competed against rap icons like Charlie Clips, Tsu Surf, and Shotty Horroh in battles that became some of the most popular videos and sparked heated discussion on who should be crowned the victor. His recent matches versus Shotgun Suge and K-Shine at the “Udubb: HS2” and “URL: SM6” leagues were overwhelmingly successful for him.
He issued an album named “Diddy Dum Dum” and a mixtape called “Ball Game” in 2016. At the ‘Bet Awards’ celebration, he also took part in a battle of the rappers with Nick Cannon. Although most of his live, spontaneous ballet raps have been structured to deliver a message, some of them have been.

He is renowned for having an unrivaled stage presence, incredible songs, catchy one-liners, and an aggressive mentality. From his days playing basketball and living on the streets, he has gone a long way to become a well-known individual.

Recognition & Achievements

Five successful Ultimate Rap League matches, three of which were major events, have been won by Hitman Holla.

Hitman’s personal life Holla prefers to wear a baseball cap and casual sportswear. He regularly goes to the gym and is concerned about his health. When he has the opportunity, he plays basketball and uses basketball techniques in his raps.
He has raised money to help with breast cancer research.

Additionally, he has launched his own apparel line under the moniker “Ball Game.”
Since he was in college, Hitman has dated a number of women. But he hasn’t been in a committed relationship yet, and he’s now single.

In the East Coast hip hop culture in the late 1980s, battle rap is thought to have begun. It is a kind of rap that consists of boasting, bragging, and insults directed towards two or more rivals. It could be performed impromptu or according to a script.

Hitman Holla frequently references the sayings “Ball Game” and “Yett Yett” in his lyrics. This is combined with his distinctive remix bars in a very forceful manner.
His shows typically feature basketball, gang fights, and weapons.
Conceited, Goodz, and Cashola are the names of his contemporary opponent battle rappers.
He participates in a number of communities, including “Fight Klub,” “Battle America,” and “SMACK/ Uri.”

Estimated Net Worth of Hitman Holla

The estimated net worth of Hitman Holla is around $1 million.