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HowToBasic is the screen name of a well-known Australian YouTuber who creates and uploads how-to tutorials to his channel of the same name. The network that the channel is a part of is Fullscreen. HowToBasic is a popular YouTuber who has been chastised for posting deceptive instructional videos. The vlogger, who rose to prominence between 2012 and 2013, does not talk or show his face in any of his videos and prefers to stay anonymous. Despite this, he has amassed millions of subscribers to date. The channel HowToBasic currently has over 9 million members. It’s also worth noting that this channel became one of the most popular YouTube channels in Australia in 2016. In addition to a large YouTube following, the Australian YouTube celebrity has a sizable following on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. He currently has approximately 357k Twitter followers and 264k Instagram followers. He also has over 4 million likes on his Facebook page and is followed by over 4 million people!

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The Career of Howtobasic

In December 2011, the YouTube channel HowToBasic was launched. Following that, the channel’s creator began uploading strange films to it. ‘How To Pick Up an Umbrella’ was the channel’s inaugural video, followed by ‘How To Save Power,’ ‘How To Close a Door,’ ‘How To Dig a Hole with your Finger,’ ‘How To Fold a T-shirt in 5 Seconds,’ and a number of others.

‘How To Put on a Condom’ was one of the most popular but strange videos on the channel. This video was posted on August 6, 2013, and it has over 49 million views and 109k likes (as of June 2017).

Each movie includes a portion in which the content creator is depicted as an aggressive man who makes a shambles by smashing and tossing goods such as eggs, dolls, fish, chicken meat, printed photos, and electrical items, to mention a few.

Well, it’s HowToBasic’s crazy that has helped him achieve such incredible success! Because many of his videos contain sexual overtones, it’s no wonder that the channel has amassed almost 9 million members to date.

In addition, the channel is part of the Fullscreen network. On Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, HowToBasic’s content is quite popular.

Scandals & Controversies

Strange visual gags masquerading as how-to tutorials are common on the channel. It is also chastised for squandering significant amounts of food, which is seen as unethical. Aside from that, it’s been said that the YouTuber eats outdated food from his supermarket.

The HowToBasic YouTube channel has been suspended several times as a result of this. The most recent stoppage, however, was subsequently lifted, and the waterway was reopened. Since then, the Australian YouTuber has returned to creating weird films and sharing them with the world.

His Personal Experiences

HowToBasic (actual name unknown) was born in Sydney, Australia, on July 8, 1979. Joshua, Dan, and Steven are his three brothers. Aside from that, there is no additional information about the Australian YouTuber’s personal life on the internet.

Estimated Net worth

HowToBasic is one of the wealthiest YouTube stars and one of the most popular. HowToBasic’s net worth is estimated to be $2 million.